• How to avoid Lyme disease
    June 03,2014
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    Fact: Children are highest risk for Lyme and tick-borne diseases. Women are second.

    But why are women second? I suspect it has something to do with a phone call from a female friend who had to relieve herself, went behind some bushes, and a few hours later found an embedded tick on her thigh. (Embedded means the head ó not the entire body ó is buried and stuck on with tick glue. This requires gentle and constant tugging as close to skin as possible with pointy tweezers or a tick tool. The release is sudden, so be prepared. Clean up with alcohol, wash hands, ID tick/put in freezer in sealed Baggie, photo the tick bite.

    So what are children and females to do when they just have to go? Plan ahead. Make pit stops throughout your day so you are not caught in the out-and-about. Carry tick repellent in your car to spray on clothing if you venture behind the bushes or rub on the exposed parts. Women, do not squat. Donít be too modest ó assume a bent-over standing position and have a friend shield you from the public. Help your kids ó if little, hold them up, and if bigger, show them how to stand and pee backwards. If you just canít hold it, consider the most revolting thing you can imagine, yup, and change your clothing later. If that is too much info for you, make sure you do a thorough tick check immediately afterward, before you get in the car, put your clothes in the dryer for 30-60 minutes, get in the shower and scrub any loose ticks away and check for any that are embedded (and I mean where the sun donít shine). This reduces your chance of getting Lyme or another tick-borne disease by 80 percent. And have a nice day.


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