• Komline has broad support
    June 14,2014
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    There is no more compelling an endorsement of a legislator than when peers on the other side of the aisle want an opposing partyís candidate to win an election. That is the case with Rep. Patti Komline (R-Dorset).

    I realize itís early for a letter on a November election, but I feel compelled. State Representative Komline has a challenger this year, and itís important that those of us she represents understand how fortunate we are to have her in our corner. If you take a moment and go to pattikomline.com, youíll see why itís so important to re-elect her.

    On Pattiís website you will see powerful endorsements of her from Republicans, independents and Democrats. As an independent, I am thankful she votes based on the issues and not along party lines. It is there that you will also see why Representative Komline is one of the most respected and influential legislators in the House. As a resident in her district, I am proud that we have such a strong voice representing us.

    Read this endorsement from pattikomline.com ó it says everything you need to know, and is even more potent because itís from a member of the opposing party: ďThese critical times require strong, intelligent, and considered leaders like Rep. Patti Komline. She is highly respected by her peers, has the wisdom to see issues clearly, and I know she has the courage to stand up for whatís right. We need her back in Montpelier.Ē

    For those of you like me ó independents who vote the person and the issues, not the party ó I ask you to review her position on the issues, her accomplishments, her demonstrated resolve to help people, and the words of support for her candidacy. We need strong and independent thinkers in our Legislature who have experience, knowledge and the resolve to do whatís best for the people of her district and Vermont. Representative Komline has proven to be that person. Two more years.


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