• Lack of trust is root cause
    June 14,2014
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    The litany of gun violence at our schools is too long to numerate and gets longer each week. The tired standby arguments for and against gun control are frayed at the edges and lead us nowhere. To blame the players in the drama from the NRA to gun manufacturers to the person concerned with protecting himself against a corrupt government is ludicrous. The news, depending on your politics, is either outraged or playing the age old blame game.

    When a simple majority of American voters begin to trust our government leaders, some form of solution to the child killing madness will then occur, not until. Each time we read of a tragedy at a school, we also read about a corrupt politician. Until the majority of average citizens has embraced that Washington is acting as it was designed by our Constitution, our children will needlessly be placed at risk.

    Iím convinced there are some honest hardworking politicians both in Washington and here in Vermont, and yes, I may be grossly naÔve, but if my assumption is correct, the real issue is putting more of them in office. There is no quick fix to the insanity that affects every school, teacher, child, parent and grandparent. Each day there are far too many who pray, ďLet my son/daughter come home from school today.Ē

    To paraphrase Dylan:

    ďYes íní how many ears must one man have before he can hear children cry?

    Yes íní how many deaths will it take till he knows that too many kids have died?Ē

    Do we want Homeland Security or the National Guard to solve the issue for us? As with our airports, conducting full body searches of our kids and lining school halls carrying automatic weapons? Itís time for legislatures to look at themselves as the real root cause of this horrendous situation. The huge lack of trust in government coupled with a very powerful organization have placed our kids in an environment they donít deserve.


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