• Search process under scrutiny
    June 25,2014
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    As the Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union concludes the superintendent search process, we surveyed the search and interview committee members in order to debrief the process and be prepared to make changes for future high-profile searches in our community. We appreciate the hours of work the committee members accomplished to seek qualified candidates, review 22 applications, interview four candidates for consideration, conduct over 60 reference checks on the chosen finalist and listen to community feedback prior to making a decision. The desire of the committees to be transparent and inclusive is evident in the results of the survey, as well as their actions.

    The survey was completed by 24 members and helped to identify strengths of the process and suggestions for change. Strengths of the process outlined above included adequate and broad representation on the committees and an adequate timeline for the search process. Also, site visits and reference checks were noted as strengths, with reference checks described as “over the top, in a positive way.”

    Suggestions for change focused on transparency and communication. Recommendations included informing the public in weekly updates which include the full process and progress along the way within legal capacity; explaining up front the limitations of open meeting laws and reference checks and what can be shared publicly; and having a clerk support the work of the chair and the committees due to the intensity of the search process.

    The RNESU board appreciates the work that was done on this search and the feedback that was received. Suggestions and recommendations will be incorporated into future high profile searches. The board also is considering a session on open meeting laws this summer to help ensure that it is not only followed by the board but understood by the community.




    (Board members,

    Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union)

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