• Optimistic about GOP prospects
    June 25,2014
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    Optimistic about

    GOP prospects

    I am optimistic after attending the Republican state party meeting on Saturday in Montpelier. The mood was upbeat and positive. There are new candidates, including Scott Milne for governor. There were young people and not so young people participating in the event. There were reports from several committees with specific information about progress within their groups. Susie Hudson and Jay Shepard had good news from the national party activity and their important roles.

    I am optimistic because we have made so much progress despite the need to reshuffle after the sudden and serious illness of our former party chair last year and the current illness of our longtime office manager and Republican guru. It takes time and angst to reorganize and move forward in these circumstances, and Saturday we were able to say we have done it.

    I am also optimistic about our goals to balance the power in Montpelier. It takes time and we are realistic in knowing that it wonít happen overnight. Much effort has been made to sign up good candidates. The focus now is to train and support those candidates.

    I am not optimistic about the direction Vermont is heading under this current administration and Legislature. Last session I attended many of the Republican House caucuses and saw first-hand the efforts being made to control spending and restrictive laws that affect our business climate. I fear for the future of our children and do not blame them for leaving the state. I also, as a senior citizen on a fixed income, am beginning to look elsewhere for a retirement home.

    I am optimistic that Republicans can work to lower taxes and the debt, develop a business climate that will help grow the economy and provide jobs, make our government more efficient and effective, fix the current health care system so it works and pay for education without breaking the backs of the taxpayers.

    Become optimistic too by joining the Republicans to move forward in 2014 to make Vermont more affordable again.


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