• Flawed process on bike lanes
    June 26,2014
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    There are a number of disturbing issues regarding the anti-bike lane on Woodstock Avenue:

    1) Vermont’s economy is dependent in large measure on tourism, and cyclists are part of that community. Burlington has pursued a friendly policy in encouraging bicyclists and made the city friendlier, Rutland is taking the opposite approach.

    2) Anyone knows that if you slow down and actually see the surroundings, you are more likely to stop, so cars, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians would be more prone to stop.

    3) It is a very minimal section of Woodstock Avenue up to the high school so students could bike to school in a separate lane.

    Finally, on the methodology, a survey is being conducted in a short time before the biking season actually begins. To be fair and valid it should run from May to September. Is that not a true experiment of the use when there is a biking season?

    To give a parallel example, let us conduct a survey regarding skiing at Killington, but let us conduct it for two weeks, let us say, around July 4. That is the wrong season to conduct a skiing survey regarding improving the road to Killington for skiing in July. Just as taking a survey on the bike path, before the season actually starts and for such a short time, is blatantly manipulative and designed to fail. It is like the lawyer question: “Have you stopped abusing your wife?” The questioner has designed the question and the makers of the survey for the worst outcome. False methodology and manipulative and deceiving are the only words that account for the whole process from start to finish.


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