• People’s business in Clarendon
    June 28,2014
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    Citizens of Clarendon:

    People, is this town yours or are you becoming Little Rutland? When was the last time you attended a Select Board or Planning Commission meeting? Do you know what is taking place with your elected and appointed officials?

    Iíve heard some of you do not like to go to these meetings because participation is frowned upon. If you have something to say or a question to ask that the board does not like to hear, you are told to sit down and stop talking.

    If a member of a board is not in attendance at a meeting, is it a written rule that the absent person can participate over the phone, voting on important business being discussed?

    Mike Klopchin stated if you need or want any information, all you have to do is go to the town hall and ask for it.

    How many times have you done this and been told the information is not available? Is this town yours or someone elseís?

    Soon you can see all that takes place at the board meetings on PEG TV. Stay tuned.

    If a conflict of interest or rumor is presumably happening, are the involved parties in communication with the board? In other words, is there a face-to-face meeting to find out the facts before steps are taken to condemn the people.

    Fourteen neighborhood residents of 7B Central have appealed the decision of the BZA concerning the conditional use for an industrial manufacturer in a residential commercial district. Yet it is rumored that Marjorie Southard is suing Clarendon.

    Another truthful fact: Long before Marjorie Southard was appointed to the Planning Commission, the White Farm sold first-cut hay for a set price and that price has not changed.

    Serve: 1. Legally to be subordinate to others; 2. To carry out the duties of an office; 3. To provide residents with services; to meet needs.

    Gale Licausi and other members of the Planning Commission keep saying they are so busy. Yet they are volunteers on the board.

    Volunteers, no. Servants, yes. You were appointed to serve the people of Clarendon. If you have no time for serving. You know what the options are. So do your job and serve. Stop wasting time on nonissues.


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