• Mini Marathon will save lives
    July 04,2014
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    As noted in the Herald’s recent coverage, the Gift-of-Life Summer Mini Marathon will be back for a third year on July 22 at the Paramount Theatre, with a goal of helping ensure an adequate blood supply during the dog days of summer.

    Since the Gift-of-Life Marathon began a dozen years ago, it and the more-recent Summer Mini Marathon have played an important role in ensuring that blood is available to those Vermonters who need it during times when blood donations typically plummet. With the winter holidays and summertime come school and college breaks and family vacations — which combine to cut into normal donation patterns.

    Despite the predictable drops in the blood supply, the need for blood doesn’t take a vacation. Newborns and new mothers, cancer patients, accident victims and patients who need surgery can’t schedule their need, a fact that highlights the critical nature of maintaining an adequate supply year round.

    The GOLM, which will change dramatically this year, and the Mini GOLM have become part of the fabric of our community, bringing together folks from all walks of life for the benefit of the collective good. These events are the epitome of neighbor helping neighbor, while building on the strengths of the community as well.

    If you are eligible to donate blood, please call 800-RED-CROSS to make an appointment. Vermonters as young as 16 years old can donate blood with their parents’ or guardians’ consent. Appointments are available between noon and 6 p.m. July 22, and we’ll have music and entertainment from WJJR from start to finish. Please join us.


    Rutland Town

    The writer is vice president of Green Mountain Power and one of the organizers of the Gift-of-Life Marathon and Mini Marathon.
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