• Corporate hypocrisy
    July 04,2014
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    “Rights of the corporate person,” which was written by Candy Jones of Rutland and appeared in the July 3 issue of the Rutland Herald is one of the best letters to the editor I have seen in your newspaper.

    Kudos to Ms. Jones for writing it and the Rutland Herald for printing it.

    The “corporate persons” who own the Hobby Lobby stores have built a business based on hypocrisy. They say they run their business on religious principles and are opposed to abortion, yet they buy most of the goods in their stores from China — one of the biggest proponents of abortion in the world (estimated 330,000 million abortions, which is the population of the entire United States). China has consistently been criticized for its terrible work conditions, use of childhood labor and miserable pay. That doesn’t sound very “Christian” to me. Why do they buy so much merchandise from China? Because they can make the most money selling it — cheap goods manufactured in terrible work conditions by children who don’t get paid much. “Christ-like?”

    Let’s face it. As Sen. Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts espouses, “The system is rigged to favor the wealthy.” The billionaire owners of Hobby Lobby use their wealth and hide behind their wealth to pretend to be Christian business owners. What hypocrisy!


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