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    July 08,2014
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    My name is John E. Mattison Jr. I have filed my petition to be placed on the Republican ticket for state representative for Rutland City Ward 5-3 and would appreciate your support and vote. I hope to represent the southwest neighborhood and to be a new, fiscally responsible voice for the taxpayers and residents of Rutland City.

    I am a longtime Rutland City resident, along with my wife, Erica, and our three sons, two of whom are still young enough to live at home with us. I also work in Rutland City for the Community Access Program. Our younger sons attend the Rutland City public schools and are involved in many of the extracurricular activities which are available to the youth of Rutland City.

    For many years our family rented a home in Rutland, but as we came to truly believe in the potential and the future of Rutland City, we decided to purchase our home here and to become property tax payers. We believed Rutland City would be a great place to raise our family, to retire and to spend our golden retirement years. So we pursued the great American dream and bought a home in the 5-3 ward.

    I am vested in my community and understand many of the issues Rutland City faces. Iím a current board member for ARC, I sit on the Justice Reparative Board for RUN, and I am a parish council member for All Saints Anglican Church.

    Unfortunately, in todayís economy we have:

    n Escalating property taxes.

    n Political policies that have emptied our downtown business district and residential neighborhoods, causing jobs and city revenue to leave our city.

    n Failure to properly utilize existing assets which would benefit the residents of our city.

    n Current practices that need to change include a state budget that increases by hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, while failing to implement changes demanded by the voters.

    n Families struggling to make ends meet, while the cost of basic necessities like housing, electricity, heat and food skyrocket.

    The middle class is being squeezed out and the American dream is being threatened.

    I believe that something has to give, things must change.

    If elected state representative, I would make lowering taxes, keeping our neighborhoods safe, and bringing good-paying jobs to Rutland City my number one priority.

    If you believe that change is needed to ensure a bright future for Rutland, please vote. I would greatly appreciate your vote.


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