• Israel’s side is justified
    July 15,2014
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    The recent letter written by Connor Rose regarding the renewed fighting in Gaza is replete with misinformation. The three Israeli students kidnapped and killed in the West Bank were killed by Palestinians who sympathize with Hamas.

    Hamas praised their actions and urged more of the same. The alleged killers of the young Palestinian boy in East Jerusalem (whose killing is as tragic as the deaths of the three boys) have been arrested and three have confessed. The Israeli prime minister has publicly condemned the killing and pledged that the killers will be punished to the full extent of the law.

    Israel has been the subject to missile attacks by Hamas for several months. These attacks have intensified in recent weeks (over 800 missiles have been launched). Missiles are being indiscriminately fired at major population centers in Israel such as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Ben Gurion airport. These missiles are not “glorified bottle rockets”. They are more akin to large artillery shells: many of which have been supplied to Hamas by Iran.

    The only reason that there has not been more damage or loss of life in Israel is due to Israel’s anti-missile system, the Iron Dome. Security is paramount to Israel’s existence. What other country in the world would not respond to such missile attacks? Certainly not the United States.

    Israel has tried to only strike Hamas military targets in Gaza. However, Hamas builds, stores, and launches its missiles from populated areas, i.e.: near or in schools, homes, hospitals and even mosques. This makes for much collateral damage and the unfortunate loss of life. Hamas also uses human shields, so much for its claims of protecting Palestinians.

    Hamas has stated as its fundamental objective the total annihilation of the State of Israel. It is impossible to make peace with such an organization without a fundamental change in its position.


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