• Condemning acts of violence
    July 19,2014
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    In reply to the letter submitted by Mr. Allan Rashes: After reading your letter, I do concede that you raise many good points, the violent and bloody attacks by Hamas are unacceptable and without a doubt despicable acts of terror. But when you occupy a people for more than 60 years, radical groups are obviously going to rise to prominence. But, unfortunately, instead of trying to foster a friendly relationship with the people of Gaza, and perhaps other political groups inside the strip (obviously Hamas is not worth talking to), Israel has launched numerous missile attacks. The justification for these attacks are debatable, and I do understand that Israel has the right to defend itself. The damaged relationship between Israel and Palestine can be salvaged, but both sides must be willing to make concessions; even the fundamentalist and extremist Hamas had pledged support for peace, in exchange for the halting of the construction of illegal (declared that by the U.N.) Jewish settlements inside the occupied Palestinian territories. So, in conclusion, Mr. Rashes, I apologize if you believed that I took the death of Israeli civilians lightly. I strongly condemn horrific acts of violence on both sides.


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