• FairPoint fails to reconnect
    July 19,2014
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    The July 3 storm that pummeled Poultney caused extensive damage to my farm on Finel Hollow/Highland Gray/Hampshire Hollow Road. Power was lost, as was phone and Internet. Green Mountain Power restored power within four days of the storm. FairPoint Communications has yet to restore phone or Internet to myself or my neighbors. Thus, I have been without phone or Internet for two weeks. I have no cell service at my property. I have no way to make an emergency call, should the need arise. There are no neighbors close enough for me to contact in an emergency situation. A concerned Poultney citizen contacted FairPoint Communications on behalf of his neighbors without phone service and was told that since he had phone service, it was none of his business and to please not contact FairPoint Communications again. As a FairPoint Communications customer, I am very concerned at the lack of concern and customer service that FairPoint Communications is exhibiting. I would imagine that I am not the only concerned Vermont resident in regard to FairPoint Communications and the current lack of service. Imagine my ire when I received my FairPoint Communications bill to find that it was considerably higher than I was quoted when I spoke with a representative about to my current phone and Internet program; and this bill arrived while I have no service. It appears that FairPoint Communications does not feel that they need to be concerned about their customersí needs because if I desire phone or Internet service, I have no other company to use for this service.


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