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    July 19,2014
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    Immigration laws permit the orderly, fairly administered influx of foreign citizens wishing to enter the U.S. for various reasons. Without enforcement of immigration laws, anyone can enter, placing undue strain on the economy, our health care system and overburdened taxpayers. Legitimate foreign applicants are disadvantaged. Other countries have no problem enforcing their immigration laws.

    If illegal immigrants increased our population 1 percent virtually overnight, people would understand the purpose of our immigration laws because people would see the adverse impact. Look at the current influx of illegal immigrants, mostly children, transported to a liberal community in Lynn, Mass. The significant increase in their population is putting a strain on their town and school budget, on their educational system and on taxpayers trying to support their families facing tax increases. The town is trying to stop more from coming. Now, reality has set in, making the reasons for enforcing immigration laws clearer.

    If this is a humane issue, as some would argue, then carried to extreme, letís cancel all immigration laws, let everyone just walk in and openly invite the world to come on over. Ridiculous? Of course. If we need migrant workers to work farms or engineers to address engineer shortages in this country, then we give preference to bringing in foreign citizens on temporary visas wherein a path to citizenship can be laid out if so desired. Simply put we cannot save the world.

    Our priority is to treat our own citizens humanely by addressing our own domestic problems, such as high minority unemployment, especially among African-American youths, high levels of murders and other crimes in our big cities, drug usage and trafficking ,which needs to stop, and so much more. At least, letís save our own country. Secure the border, and get serious about enforcing our immigration laws.


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