• Toward finding human solution
    August 02,2014
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    I liked the forced integration in the ’50s and ’60s because it had a jarring effect on American consciousness. Segregation was outlawed, and integration became the rule of the land. And that watershed moment is a mighty and essential part of what changed our country for the better. Integration-by-law had and has a widespread effect on changing attitudes to this day.

    No matter what blacks and whites thought of each other, the lawmakers gave them a way to violate their own biased behavior. Many Americans immediately became aware of how their thinking was changing.

    What the Lincolnesque 1965 Civil Rights Act elementally did was take starkly dissimilar peoples and said, “Yes, you must be allowed to drink from the same fountain!”

    What we need is not solutions or agreements to the Israeli-Hamas type world problems.

    We need water-cooler diplomacy.

    We need the chance to talk face to face. We can reach agreement among us, one at a time or in small groups, but we usually face agreements and disagreements better when we have to look each other in the eyes. It’s there that we find our real similarities.

    Establish a water-cooler zone. Yes, instead of an iron dome, the Israeli-Hamas should build a water-cooler zone.

    Mr. Netanyahu, tear down this damn iron dome and build a water-cooler zone.


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