• Still no flag at city park
    August 02,2014
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    As to the still-lacking flag in Main Street Park, Alderman Larson reported in his post of July 23 that he “spoke with rec superintendent and she was to have her maintenance chief check with VTrans to see if refurbishing the flag pole was on their agenda.” To this date, the 30th, no flag has been placed on pole. That pole has welcomed veterans home from several wars and stood welcoming them and visitors to our area for many decades. I and others fail to see any reason it has not been maintained and why our flag is not flying. There are at least five monuments in the park complex honoring those who have served, yet the most viewed section has no flag. Many feel that is unacceptable. I have to wonder where all the folks that line the route for Loyalty Day parade are. Flag poles in disrepair, absence of our nation’s symbol only furthers the negatives that national press has bestowed upon the Rutland area and the people living here. Very worrying that only one member of the board was forthright enough to even look into the situation.


    West Rutland
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