• President is not up to the job
    August 05,2014
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    Thank you, Mr. Stephan, for your enlightened letter in the July 26 edition of the Rutland Herald. I didnít realize Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, members of the 1 percent class, are so evil, even though they donate heavily to the Democratic Party. Just because someone like Bill Gates created thousands of jobs, providing great value to thousands of stockholders like average Americans in 401K plans, and like the Koch brothers contributes huge sums of money to charity, it seems that is no reason to put up with the likes of him and we should encourage Elizabeth Warren to encourage him and Buffet to head for the Cayman Islands, too.

    I agree we have experienced a dwindling middle class, but I thought Obama claimed he would right the economic ship. Why is it that these same 1 percent folks did not do the same damage when Bill Clinton is attributed with influencing our economic growth? And if you claim that the 1 percent is so greedy that they only serve their self-interest, isnít it to their self-interest to grow their businesses which, in turn, benefits the economy and improves the income of the middle class?

    Instead of misdirecting everyone from the real problem, the truth is we have a president ill-equipped to handle his executive job, politicizes everything, doesnít foster relationship with Republicans to work out compromises, remains aloof, and, in concert with Harry Reid, allows hundreds of bills passed by the House aimed at trying to create jobs and to move on important issues to sit without any effort to work out differences. At least Bill Clinton had sense enough to reach across the aisle and get something accomplished.

    So maybe it is time for a change by electing an executive, not a speech maker and campaigner.


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