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    August 07,2014
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    No reason to go this far, but Alderman Larson posted an update at approximately 8 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 3, 2014, regarding flag poles.

    From Cindi Wight at Rutland Recreation and Parks Department:

    ďAs there have been 2 or 3 letters to the editor from a West Rutland resident on our flag poles, I figured Iíd send an update. I did confirm with the state that the main flag pole will stay. Bob has on his list to either refurbish and or replace the tall one on corner of Route 7 and West Street and the one in the Green Mountain Boys garden. We are in the middle of large projects that can only happen in summer that keep our parks safe for members of our community. We do have the flag poles on the list and will be looking to work on them. If anyone has connections at the Legion, VFW and other veterans groups that would want to take them down and refurbish them at a faster pace, I am more than willing to partner with a group.Ē

    I am the person from West Rutland, born in Rutland, grew up there, drafted from there, went to Vietnam from there and came back to Rutland, served in Vermont National Guard, served 22-plus years at Rutland City Police.

    I and many others believe a flag should fly in the Main Street Park, as my earlier letters state. I fail to see what the state has to do with it, any plans they had concerning the flag pole would have been approximately one year ago when the plan was approved. Until such refurbishment and or replacement, a flag should fly.

    As to veteransí groups taking the poles down and refurbishing them, the members of those groups have paid their dues. It is not up to them to do the cityís work. Never have I heard of such a request. It would be wonderful if the original pole in Main Street Park could be used. As a practical matter, a new fiberglass pole such as in mini-park with internal locked lanyard is the best way to go, for security and maintenance.

    I will give the city a 5-by-8 flag. Put a flag up, real simple.


    West Rutland
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