• The socialist Republic of Vermont
    August 14,2014
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    Between the EPA and now the Vermont Legislature, our lives are becoming increasingly regulated. The latest intrusion is a tax on paint/stain in the name of recycling. So Vermont has hazardous waste days at various sites around the state.

    At these sites, you can bring hazardous wastes, including paint, stain, poly, etc. Now the geniuses in Montpelier moved to exclude stain, oil-based paints and latex and have them brought to a retailer to be “recycled.” The hazardous-waste day stays, poly can not be brought to the recycling locations, and if a can is dented, missing a label or rusted, it is refused.

    The net effect of this scheme, “painted” as recycling, is to cost money to small businesses in time and retail space, promote illegal dumping of any container that is refused while continuing the expense of the hazardous-waste collection. It must also help Vermont continue its reputation as one of the more difficult states to do business in, as rated nationally.

    My question is this: What was wrong with the system of bringing paint to a designated hazardous-waste site? Why would anyone in his or her right mind complicate this issue to such an extent? My answer is: a politician. I ask everyone reading this to vote this November and get all of the incumbents, including our governor out of office. It is time for fresh blood and some commonsense representation.


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