• Supporting police in the community
    August 22,2014
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    I support community policing. Itís walking the beat and strolling the streets while time allows, speaking with people in a caring, interested way that builds respect, dialogue, bonds and perhaps community.

    I support riding the townís mountain bike through the alleys, streets and roads at any hour.

    I support talking with youth who are in dire jeopardy of becoming a statistic, offering them words of support, encouragement, job postings.

    I support officers teaching lessons to kiddos once in a while at rec activities, school, karate class, etc.

    I support building a working relationships with the people hanging out in the park, instead of more ordinances to pass.

    I support doing paperwork/computer work at the isolated and vulnerable recreation fields, much like a teacher corrects reports at a picnic table near their young childís football practice.

    I support our Select Board entertaining a motion to create a community policing policy.

    I support our community working together with all municipal workers and volunteers in turning our townís policing/crime prevention coalition into a national example of excellence in law enforcement through progressive action from citizens, employees (who are constantly doing heroic tasks). Perhaps we could keep this collective spirit between emergencies and see the silent emergency among our youth.

    I bet my thoughts sound naive to an experienced officer or police chief, and the system they have to follow is rigid, frustrating and time-consuming. So I am for officers bucking said system. Iím sure many would back up our officers if reprimanded or sued by the federal government for spending more time on the beat.

    I am for giving up grant money to effect a process of achieving more contact time and presence where our problems are; let the state police and AOT absorb the lionís share of state highway enforcement.

    I support our police chief and police officers.


    Fair Haven
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