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    September 01,2014
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    This is the first time in my memory that I have not been participating in back-to-school activities: making a list of required books and supplies, rearranging my class schedule to fit in sports, and debating if I can really afford that new pair of autumn boots.

    This fall, I am working full time as the new education reporter for the Rutland Herald, and I have my years of education to thank. I am actually using my college degree that I earned from Castleton State College this past December. Who would’ve thought that I would end up finding exams and homework useful in the real world?

    I don’t have kids, but I do have a personal interest in all things involving kids and the education system.

    My sister, Willa, just started second grade. For the past two years I’ve found myself on the phone with her every night asking questions about her day at school. I’m like the cooler version of my mom, so she is more than willing to chatter about the birthday list she wrote all on her own and deciding that math isn’t as great as recess. The chicken nuggets are also her favorite hot lunch and sometimes daddy packs her green apple slices instead of red ones, by accident, of course.

    I also have a younger brother I hear from regularly, dreading each day of college because he realized it was still just more school and not the constant party he thought it would be. He watched “Animal House” one too many times.

    My mom also works in a school system in northern Vermont. She spends all day with second-graders and then comes home to one, both of them frequently covered in some unknown sticky substance.

    Needless to say our dinner conversations revolved largely around what happened at school each day.

    In this column, I’ll be continuing that conversation and I want readers to join in. Let me know if there is something going on at your child’s school — a new program, a guest speaker or even a field trip. Let me know so I can let everyone else know.

    Students to visit hatchery

    On Tuesday, Sept. 16, 210 fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade students from local schools will visit the Pittsford National Fish Hatchery for an interactive field trip.

    Students will spend 30 minutes at a dozen different stations learning and studying various topics about the environment. One station will cover the different life stages that fish raised at the hatchery go through. Another station will let students work with engineers to design water filters and explore how much water is really wasted every day. Bird species is another topic and students will get to expand their knowledge on migration, feeding and survival.

    Again, please call me at 774-3025 or email me with your school news as the year takes shape.


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