• Why not rejoin Commonwealth?
    September 02,2014
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    The Tea Party is certainly right. It is in no way near being left. In fact, it is so far to the right that it makes Coolidge look like Marx. Then why did it take its name from that famous social event of 1773? Those colonists were viewed as left-wing radicals by the British government. Naming itself the Tea Party makes no sense; but, then, neither does the Tea Party. It should have named itself the Tory Party, which would reflect its right-wing leanings, and not have identified itself with a left-wing movement, and would have endeared itself to Great Britain.

    The next step would be for it to cease trying to eliminate Social Security, Medicare and universal health care, and to rejoin the British Commonwealth. I strongly urge the Tea Party to change its name to the Tory Party and to send a letter to her Majesty, Elizabeth II cc David Cameron petitioning England to invite North America to rejoin the British Commonwealth. That way, it would demonstrate a name reflecting its true political position, on the extreme far right, and bring America back to the mother country, as all good Tories would want.

    We must contact the leader of the new Tory Party this moment and urge immediate action to draft the first letter of reunification to her Majesty!


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