• Alien invasion threatens nation
    September 02,2014
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    Ronald Reagan said that ďa nation without borders is not a nation.Ē Around the world nations vigorously enforce country access. Try entering another country without a passport.

    Our nation is experiencing the greatest assault on its sovereignty since it was founded. Our borders arenít protected, and weíre being invaded by illegals who are welcomed, cared for, housed, entertained and fed by government. What started as a trickle of illegals has turned into a flood.

    ďBorders, language and cultureĒ are important said a talk show host Michael Savage to remind listeners of this illegal invasion. He says if we donít control our borders America could be radically altered as a nation.

    Today wherever you travel in the United States almost everything is reported in two languages; English and Spanish. Entire communities are already changing, and crime has skyrocketed. Not all illegals are bad people, but for starters, they did enter our country illegally.

    Borders, language and culture are protected in Mexico and Latin America. We have every right to protect ours, ensure English is the official language and preserve our culture. A common language is necessary to keep us united because if we divide we will fall. Our culture is who we are ó proud of our heritage, our examples, our accomplishments and freedoms.

    Elected representatives must enforce the law to protect our borders, language and culture from this illegal alien invasion because itís a threat to our very existence. If they donít, we must replace them in November. Be vocal and vote. If we donít, who will?


    South Burlington
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