• Backing Kennedy for state’s attorney
    September 03,2014
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    I support Rose Kennedy for Rutland County state’s attorney. She has the vision for making our community safer. Rose is passionate about protecting victims. Rose is interested in collaborating with local law enforcement. She brings an energy and an understanding of law to the state’s attorney’s office that is not currently present. As the wife of a law enforcement officer and victim, I believe she is the right person for state’s attorney.

    Many people are not aware of the importance of this elected position. The state’s attorney is the highest law enforcement representative in the county. Law enforcement officers make arrests, but the state’s attorney determines what cases are prosecuted and which are negotiated to lesser crimes. They must be cognizant of courtroom procedures and Vermont law rulings, in addition to be able to delegate and communicate effectively with staff, the community and victims.

    The law enforcement community suffered two major injustices in recent years due to poor prosecution. Two attempted murder cases against officers should have been convictions with the powerful audio and video evidence. I sat through the trial of my husband’s attempted murderer. The case was poorly prepared. I was dismayed at the lack of understanding of courtroom proceedings and in articulation. Negotiation for a plea deal occurred without consultation with the victim or law enforcement agency. The incumbent was unwilling to receive consultation from the attorney general. These two cases are just two examples where justice wasn’t served.

    Before you vote for the incumbent, I ask, “Do you know how he performs in his job?” The law enforcement officers who almost died, had evidence that not your ordinary citizen has. If a case could not be won with this evidence, I have no confidence any case against a layperson would have success with the current state’s attorney.


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