PITTSFORD — Residents voted to approve both the $1.5 million general fund budget and a $1.49 million highway budget for fiscal year 2018-19 with scant opposition at Monday night's floor meeting. The amount to be raised by property taxes is $1.1 million. The general fund is up about $44,000, and the highway fund budget increases by about $56,000 with the affirmative vote, Pittsford Town Manager John Haverstock said. Property taxes would will amount to about $2 per every $1,000 dollars of assessed property value, which would amount to an increase of about $400 on a house assessed at $200,000, according to Haverstock. The $967,475 to be raised to defray the cost of highway maintenance is largely due to straight painting in the roads and paving for Chittenden Road, Mettowee Drive, and Hudson Terrace, among others, Haverstock said. Haverstock said part of the highway department budget will go toward plans to build a sand and salt shed, paid for partially by state money, to keep material out of the water. “The state is cracking down on pollution all the time,” Selectman Joseph Gagnon said. “Things don’t get cheaper as time goes on.” Haverstock also reminded voters that the town has $394,000 in the coffers for bridge replacement. “That’s a big number, because the Kendall Hill Road Bridge will need to be replaced in these next few years,” the town manager said.  “The state typically pays 90 percent of such bridges, but because that’s going to be an expensive project, we’ve been building that up.” A new highway truck is also on its way to Pittsford, Haverstock said. “There’s a highway capital fund, that’s what we use to buy large equipment,” Haverstock said.  “We had $351,000 as of June 30 last year. We have a $120,000 new truck coming along in these next few weeks.” The increase in the budget reflects a 10 percent increase in health insurance, a 22 percent increase in worker’s compensation insurance, and increases in the funds to replace town equipment such as a fire truck and a police cruiser. The budget increases will result in a 4.9 percent increase in the amount of property taxes. The town manager also said there is $212,000 in the fire department capital fund for a fire truck replacement, and there’s $10,000 in the patrol car fund. Voting for town officers will be Tuesday, March 6, with polls opening at 7 a.m. and closing at 7 p.m. at the town offices. The only contest for voters is a three-way race for a two-year seat on the Select Board. Three residents are seeking the seat: incumbent Jane Cornell, Alicia Malay and Susan Markowski.  

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