BURLINGTON — A Hartford, Connecticut, man, who is facing federal felony drug charges from an Orange County raid this week, is wanted in his hometown for shooting another person three times, according to an assistant U.S. attorney seeking the defendant’s detention.

Shiquan Q. Mangual, 27, will remain in custody at the Northwest State Correctional Facility in St. Albans following Magistrate Judge Kevin Doyle ruling during the hearing Thursday afternoon that Mangual was a danger to the community and a risk to flee. Doyle said there were no known conditions that would ensure Mangual’s appearance.

Doyle postponed a decision on a written petition filed on behalf of readers of the Times Argus/Rutland Herald to unseal documents related to the case, including the search warrant for the residence on Wednesday morning. Little is known about what led up to the raid and arrest.

The FBI said in federal court papers that Mangual is charged with knowingly and intentionally possessing controlled substances in Orange County with the intent to distribute them. Large amounts of heroin, crack cocaine, powder cocaine and more than $7,600 in cash, along with a loaded .45-caliber Beretta, a shotgun and an assault-style rifle.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Drescher, who noted all the items found, said “deadly addictive drugs” and loaded weapons are a poor combination. He argued there is an arrest warrant for Mangual in Hartford, Connecticut, for an April shooting and authorities there will extradite him.

Drescher also noted there were three protection orders against him that have been obtained by his family, including his grandparents, and they do not allow him to possess firearms.

Assistant Federal Defender Steve Barth countered that Mangual could live in a stable home maintained by his mother Tanya Horne in Manchester, Connecticut. Barth said Mangual was not the target of the raid and that person has not been arrested.

Doyle noted Mangual was charged in December 2020 with a felony pistol permit violation, assault and felony threatening and was out on court conditions when arrested in Vermont.

He said Mangual has a 5-year-old child and extended family, but has been a daily user of marijuana for almost 10 years and started using cocaine in the past few months, Doyle said.

The FBI in conjunction with the state, Montpelier and Northfield Police, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, along with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in Connecticut played a role in the investigation.

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