Supporting Neary I believe this is my first letter in support of an aldermanic candidate and it is fitting that it is for Devon Neary in his first run for the board. I first got to know Devon when his father and I worked together in the Rutland County State’s Attorney’s office over a decade ago. As a former alderman and former city employee, I know first-hand the skill set, temperament, and perspective required to be an effective and valuable Alderman. Devon Neary has all those qualities. Vote for him. Though he hails from west of Birdseye, Devon purchased a home in Rutland and made our city his — and to our benefit. In his capacity as a planner at the Rutland Regional Planning Commission, Devon was a principal architect of the re-configuration of Center Street this past summer, which enabled many businesses on that street to continue to serve us in the midst of the pandemic. Devon will bring this vision to the Board of Aldermen. For example, Devon aims to expand incentives for businesses by promoting access to the city’s already-existing small business grants and revolving loan funds and to build on those resources. He understands that only the Board of Aldermen can update our zoning ordinances to streamline permitting to make the city pro-development. He knows—as I do from my time in City Hall—how important it is to improve digital infrastructure to allow for more public engagement. Devon knows that to move our City forward, city departments—with the guidance of the Board of Alderman—must promote coordination among public and private organizations to break down silos and avoid duplicity to improve efficiency and value for city taxpayers and the general public. I know what it takes to be an effective and valuable alderman. Devon Neary has what it takes. Vote for him on March 2. Charles Romeo lives in Rutland. Paid Political Endorsement

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