Guitarist Ed Gerhard is performing Saturday to benefit the Pittsford Village Farm project.

Grammy-winning guitarist Ed Gerhard will be performing in concert at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, March 23, at Brandon Town Hall in support of preserving a historic local site as a new venue.

The Pittsford Village Farm sits on over 20 acres in the center of town, and holds an 18th-century farmhouse and 19th-century barn, privately owned. In 2018 two community forums were held to gather input from Pittsford residents to decide how best to use the property. Three main possibilities came up — a community center, agricultural hub and retail opportunities. The farm has been hosting outdoor community events and organizers hope to create an indoor space for future events.

Enter Mr. Gerhard.

Performing on six-string, 12-string, slide guitar, and an acoustic Hawaiian lap slide called the Weissenborn, Gerhard, says the Boston Globe, “does not write instrumentals. He writes songs only a guitar can sing.” Along with musicians like Ben Harper and David Lindley, Gerhard’s unique approach to the Weissenborn is reinvigorating interest in the somewhat forgotten but beautiful instrument.

Gerhard is also well known for his compositional depth and conversational concert style. When asked what first sparked his interest in music, he said, “You know, I don’t think you get interested in it. I think it’s just already there.”

He got his first guitar at age 14, and after a couple lessons, got a book of chords and decided to teach himself.

“I did take two or three lessons and found it to be really unsatisfying,” Gerhard said. “When you’re a kid you want to play songs, you want to have fun, and it just looked like a steady course of just labor and playing stuff that was no fun to play. So I quit and just learned by ear.

“I’m always really happy to play for people and to support a good cause like this,” he said. “When you work for a long time you realize what music is and what music does, and also what music is for, and it’s really for things like this.

“To be able to support something that seems like such a great benefit to the town, I’m very pleased to be able to do that,” Gerhard said.

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