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Ladies’ Night Out Women’s Chorus brings its spring program, “Female Empowerment: She Sings Knowing She Hath Wings,” at 7:30 p.m. Saturday to the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Rutland.

The Ladies’ Night Out Women’s Chorus is about more than singing.

“One of the main purposes of this group is the friendships we form,” said conductor and director Lucy Allen Tenenbaum.

“It’s about singing and having fun and getting to know people,” singer Cathy Foutch said. “None of these ladies I would have met except for coming to choir.”

On a recent Tuesday evening inside one of the music rooms at Rutland Intermediate School, Tenenbaum was getting ready for rehearsal, setting up chairs and sheet music for a coming concert, “Female Empowerment: She Sings Knowing She Hath Wings,” which will be performed at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Rutland.

“It’s meant to inspire,” Tenenbaum said. A voice teacher at Castleton University with a private studio on Killington Avenue, the Ladies Night Out choir has been hers since the 1990s, when she took it over to keep it from disbanding altogether.

“I scooped it right up,” she said. “I love providing musical outlets for local people. And it’s not about experience or talent. No one has to be great. I help them learn how to sing in the group, which is very different than singing alone.”

“Lucy is super-passionate,” Foutch said, and described the concerts as “upbeat and fun.”

They present two concert programs a year, one during Christmastime and one in spring, along with special guest musicians — this season Charles Madsen on piano and Glendon Ingalls on bass.

“Pitch-wise we’re all way up here, and it’s really nice for the ears to have low pitches,” Tenenbaum explained. “Adding bass is like putting pants on, putting a bottom on it. We’re all just singing with little tops on.”

Tenenbaum gets new members every season in addition to the large group that returns every year. Foutch, 36, from Plymouth, started with the group 10 years ago. She moved away for a while but returned to the area and rejoined the group this year.

“I do it mostly because I love to sing, and singing with a group is awesome. It’s also a good stress reliever.”

“It’s quite an eclectic group,” singer Denise Senecal said. “There’s a wide range of material and personalities and experience.”

“Some of the women I’m friends with (today) were in my choir 20 years ago,” Tenenbaum said. “They moved to Rutland, and the first thing they did was join this choir and made friends.”

Ladies’ Night Out Women’s Chorus, conducted by Lucy Allen Tenenbaum, presents “Female Empowerment: She Sings Knowing She Hath Wings” at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, April 27, at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 6 Church Hill Road in Rutland. Admission is free.

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