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Anne Sarcka, Montpelier

I think this is an amazing show. It makes me happy that Bill Ramage has managed to pull this incredible trick off, getting all these people and all this great work in this building that holds all of it. I’m pleased that all these seniors are out here doing their fine work, all of us. Doing their fine work.

Kathy Stark, Craftsbury Common

Lots of things! Anything! Spur of the moment things. Today, when the sun came out. You mean big, moving things in my life?

RH: In general, what gives you the happiness?

KS: Well, here we are in an art exhibit, so working on my work and having it resolved and look good. That makes me happy, a warm and good feeling. That’s it, I mean, friends, family, my dog. So what are you doing, you’re just walking around, stopping people?

RH: Yeah, I’m harassing people.

Peter Brown, Proctor

RH: Just to sweeten the deal, you get a prize for doing this. You get $100. This is actual fake.

PB: It’s fake.

RH: It’s actual fake money. Don’t try to pass this or anything. It’s genuine fake money.

PB: Genuine fake.

RH: Peter, what is it that makes you happy?

PB: Being able to get up in the morning for one thing — not having my elbows hit velvet when I wake up. Music. Art. Painting. Photography, which I’m surrounded with right now. I’m on a constant quest for great art and great music.

Tara Williams, North Clarendon

Spending time with my family, my cousin, and enjoying this beautful art.

RH: Are you an artist? Do you make stuff?

TW: I’m actually learning to dabble a little bit with some collage techniques, and I always have had an appreciation for arts and music. And my cousin is an artist so I am wanting to support her with her art. She’s really doing a great job.

Alicia Williams, Rutland

Art, music, family and animals.

RH: What do you like about animals?

AW: Their beauty and their innocence.

RH: If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?

AW: A cat because I already am part cat.

Anne Sarcka: I’m a salmon. Oh, I love to swim. I love to eat salmon, too.

Kathy Stark: It was a bear, but I don’t think so anymore. You know, I have raccoons in front of my house at the bird feeder. There was one, now there’s two. Last night, there were three! I go out with a little dog who would be a lovely little meal for them.

Peter Brown: I think I’d like to be a wolf.

Tara Williams: I would be a horse because I love horses. I think that they teach us a lot about ourselves.

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Happiness to me is helping others. I was walking out of the "dollar store" here in Santa Fe NM and a homeless man asked for help. I gave him a few dollars and a can of Pringles, I had just purchased. He was carrying bologna but no bread.

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