Street Talk: Freezin' Season

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Jennifer McTigue, Cabot

I love winter. I love all of the seasons in winter. It’s sparkly. My favorite winter memory would be building a snowman and doing snow angels.

RH: When did you first do that?

JMT: Probably when I was 2. And I still do. Snow angels!

Charlotte Hirschberger, Brandon

Definitely Halloween. I love dressing up in costumes. I like candy, too. I think it’s a fun time, and I love fall as well, so it’s a great time to go out. One time on Halloween, my parents decided to dress up as giant cowboy boots. That was pretty interesting. Needless to say, my brother and I were at an age where we pretended we didn’t know them. They were giant cowboy boots. Really giant. Life size — as tall as a person. Yeah. And they walked down the middle of Brandon during the Halloween parade wearing those costumes. A little embarrassing at that age, yeah. But they made us awesome Halloween costumes every year.

RH: What’s your favorite candy that time of the year?

CH: Probably Starburst. I like the chewy stuff, especially Starburst. The strawberry ones. And then the orange after that.

Colleen Wilcox, Pittsfield

My favorite holiday is actually Halloween. There are so many fun things to do around here, like the Halloween parade in Rutland is one of my favorite activities. There’s also a fantastic party up in Killington at the Wobbly Barn every year. And I just like the excuse to dress up and hang out with friends and celebrate. A few years ago my husband and I dressed up like pigs in a blanket, and it was very memorable because everyone got a kick out of it, everyone laughed, and we won actually a costume contest at Mogul’s up in Killington. We had ponchos on, and pig noses, pig ears. It was easy and fun.

Jen Lutkus, Brandon

Thanksgiving, of course. Turkey and cranberry wine. All the family getting together and sitting around the table and having great conversation and food. And leftovers. The best part. I don’t have to cook this year. I’m heading to go home to see family in Massachusetts, and they’re cooking. I just have to bring the wine.

Elizabeth Vitale, Cabot

I have to say Christmas. My birthday is right before it, so everything get wrapped into one fun celebration that time of year. As a kid, I couldn’t celebrate at school, so that bothered me, but it’s nice. All the family’s around and we kind of celebrate both all together. My parents always made sure that my birthday presents had birthday wrapping paper instead of Christmas wrapping paper, which I always appreciated. Every Christmas, we’d go to my grandmother’s house, and all the family would come. One year I got a cheesecake because I love cheesecake, and so I got to eat an entire cheesecake by myself. It was a present. I was 10.

RH: You didn’t eat it all at once though.

EV: Well, I did. So that’s why it was very memorable. For a long time, I didn’t like cheesecake after that. But it was very good at the time.

Helvi Abatiell, Mendon

Fourth of July, I have to say. My family and our sisters’ families, and my brother’s family, we all go to Lake Bomoseen and set off firewooks and watch all the fireworks on the lake. It’s a good time, a good family time to have a barbecue.

Nancy Snow, Rutland

It’s definitely Christmas. Because the family’s coming together and rejoicing for the holiday season.

RH: Are they going to get together at your place this time?

NS: This year, we’ll do it half and half. Half of the family on Christmas and the next one on the day after. Because we’re medical people, and we work holidays.

Carrie Fenn, Charlotte

I don’t know if it’s technically a holiday, but I love Halloween. I’m crazy about Halloween. I love dressing up. I love dressing my kids up. I love the kooky, scary decorations. I think it’s just a creative, fun holiday that just, I don’t know, just gets me. This year I was a cowboy robot. See, I was a cowboy, but then I had these really cool face tattoos that made it look like my skin was taken off, and I had, you know, mechanics underneath. It was super-cool. I used to run the Old Brick Store up in Charlotte, and every year we would do a haunted store. So we’d shut down the store, we’d totally transform it and then the kids would walk through and we’d have this really scary Halloween. And my favorite Halloween memory is when we set up a butcher table and one of our customers volunteered to be, basically, a head on a platter. We put a hole in the table and we put his head up through it, and he sat there with his head on a platter with vegetables.

Richard Gallo, Ira

This year, I’m thankful to have my daughter in remission from breast cancer. Thankful for all the vets, for our service here in Open Door Mission, for the service we provide at Thanksgiving.

Rodney Stocker, East Dorset

I’m thankful for the health of my family — my wife, my kids and my mother. That’s the main thing I’m thankful for. It’s a blessing.

RH: What’s your favorite holiday?

RS: I would say Halloween. I have four kids, and that was always my favorite holiday with them.

RH: You like candy?

RS: Definitely.

RH: Your favorite Halloween candy.

RS: Kit Kat. Definitely.

RH: Kit Kat!

RS: Oh, yeah!

RH: The most popular candy bar in the world!

RS: Definitely.

Big Lenny Montuori, Rutland Town

I’m thankful for everything — thankful for family, for health, for The Inside Job, otherwise I’d be out on the road freezing out there, you know what I mean? The list is endless. It’s just that everybody should be grateful for something every day. I make a gratitude list, and I look at it when I forget. I just look at the gratitude list, and it’s good, Rich, it is.

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