Jim Miles, Rutland

We’re going to putting some hot dogs out. It supposed to be a health race. I don’t know how many people are going to want hot dogs, but we’re going to throw some hot dogs out and see what they like.

RH: Diamond Run Mall is looking at its end of days up there. Are you going to miss it?

JM: Diamond Run Mall? I don’t usually shop much down there. I usually do my shopping here (downtown) or out of town.

Debra, Rutland

RH: Tell me something now, you’ve been to the Diamond Run Mall in your time, and now it’s closing — are you going to miss it?

Debra: Not really.

RH: What did you like about it?

Debra: I liked JCPenney, when Kmart was there, I liked it. I like Old Navy, I like the shoe store.

RH: Where you going to do your shopping now?

Debra: Oh, Walmart, T.J. Maxx, New York.

RH: So Debra, where we gonna walk when the mall’s closed?

Debra: I have no idea where the people are going to walk when the mall closes. I know at least 4, 5 people who go up there daily that walk around for their daily walk, in the mall, so when the mall closes, those people are — going to walk where? Because the sidewalks in Rutland are no walking spot. And I know Rutland City isn’t going to fix up their sidewalks any time soon.

Christina Sweet, Rutland

We are trying to get people to walk that extra mile or honestly whatever they can do. If you can only do a quarter of a mile extra a day, other people will go 10, 12 or more miles a day. Really what it’s about is not just counting your steps what you would do in a normal day, what you’re doing at work or just grocery shopping, it’s going out there, even if you can only do 5 minutes at a time and doing that extra exercise — hopefully outside so it’s not only for physical but mental health, too.

RH: How much do you walk in a day?

CS: Oh, my gosh, especially with this new job (Come Alive Outside), I walk all the time, and I love it. Downtown Rutland is an amazing place to work and walk around. And we’re actually doing 50 days, 50 miles starting Oct. 5, and we would love everyone to join us.

RH: October fifth! Start walking!

CS: It’s for everyone!

Terry Jaye, Rutland

You know what? I used to walk there. So yes, I am going to miss it. And I think it’s sad, sure.

RH: You are a veteran mallwalker, you’ve been there, you’ve done that.

TJ: I’ve been there and done it but apparently not enough.

RH: Yeah, well, it’s a little late but you can still get back into it. You’ve got another month or so.

TJ: What I’m finding out, what today is all about, it’s never too late. When I see a large person on a small bicycle, I give ’em a high five and say “Thank God, you’re out there doing something — great motivators.

RH: You’re a little shy when you’re out from behind a microphone.

TJ: I’m out of my element.

Sarah Ryan, Rutland

RH: Tell me something, do you ever get up to the Diamond Run Mall? What do you think? Are you going to miss it?

SR: I don’t get up there much anymore. I used to, when it was an actual mall, but I think that I would miss it if it was still what it once was.

RH: Where do you do your deep shopping?

SR: I usually go over to New York. ... Glens Falls or Lake George. Albany area.

Devon Neary, Rutland

I’m with the Rutland Regional Planning Commission, and we’re teaming up with Locomotion to create a traffic garden, which is a little miniature version of on-street skills so it mimics real-life conditions so kids can learn and play on a street and build confidence and street skills to be safer bikers.

RH: Is there any chance you can leave it like this for the rest of time?

DN: There are permanent traffic gardens in some cities, and that could be a team effort with Rutland Rec someday to produce a permanent structure in Rutland for sure.

Cheryl Martin, Rutland

RH: You live in Rutland. Do you visit the Diamond Run Mall much? Are you going to miss it?

CM: I never really went to the Diamond Run Mall that much. It didn’t have a Nordstrom’s

Sharlene Coutu, Rutland

RH: Tell me, what are you going to run today?

SC: The 8K.

RH: And you feel fairly confident you’re going to finish that?

SC: Yeah!

RH: You’re a good runner? How many times a week do you run? You run every day? What does it do for you?

SC: Yeah, like three times a week. It makes me feel good, sleep good, just all around, like, better energy.

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