Talking Pictures: Dr. Maurice 'Mo' Cyr

TalkPix: Dr. Maurice 'Mo' Cyr

From 1973 to 1976, when Dr. Maurice ‘Mo’ Cyr is still in his early 20s and Vermont’s counterculture is at the peak of its blossoming. In the story, Cyr is riding high as young man about town. He’s always loved cooking for his friends, gigging on the mountain making breakfast and lunch when he’s offered the chance to take over the kitchen for dinners at the popular original downtown Back Home Café. It’s perfect for a smart kid like Mo, as people know him then, doing what he likes to do, which is, as he tells Talking Pictures, to “cook, date waitresses and hire the music” for the café, which in addition to its daytime traffic from everybody, “lawyers, to hippies, to old ladies,” as Cyr describes it, soon becomes a swinging hip nightspot, a hangout residents, mostly those who partake of the new young culture and all it offers. But then, in 1977, after what Cyr describes as a horrific head-on crash that kills a wrong-way driver, but leaves Mo Cyr a survivor with crippling headaches that resists traditional treatment. His doctor tells him he’s just have to get used to living with the blinding pain, which Cyr, then 27, calls “a death sentence.” But then he discovers chiropractic, spinal readjustment and a new career, that he’s practiced in Rutland ever since. See and hear Dr. Maurice Cyr tell the story in his own words in this week’s Talking Pictures video at, or navigate to directly.

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