How to select the best produce

While we all know vegetables are important to a healthy diet, selecting the best produce at the grocery store or market can be tough at times.

Here is a guide to help you pick the best produce, according to TheKitchn.com:

Artichokes: Choose globes that have tight leaves and feel heavy for their size. The leaves should squeak when pressed against each other.

Asparagus: Choose firm, smooth and brightly colored stalks with compact tips. Choose stalks of equal thickness to ensure even cooking times.

Avocados: Choose avocados that feel slightly soft to the touch. Firmer avocados may be ripened at home, but avoid rock-hard ones. Also avoid avocados with cracks or dents.

Brussels sprouts: Choose firm, compact, bright green heads. Avoid sprouts with wilted or loose outer leaves.

Corn: Choose corn with bright green husks and moist but not slimy silk.

Peel back the husk to ensure the kernels are plump and not dry.

Eggplants: Choose eggplants that have smooth, naturally shiny skin and feel heavy for their size.

When gently pressed, flesh that gives slightly and then bounces back indicates ripeness.

Garlic: Choose firm, plump heads. Avoid heads with soft spots or green sprouts.

Green beans: Choose slender beans that snap rather than bend. Avoid bulging or dried pods.

Tomatoes: Choose tomatoes that are fragrant, smell earthy at the stem end, and feel heavy for their size. Avoid tomatoes with wrinkled skins.

Winter squash: Choose squash that have stems intact and feel heavy for their size.

Avoid squash with cuts or soft spots.


New studies say coffee is good for your heart

Drinking one or more cups of caffeinated coffee daily could lower your risk for heart failure, according to recent research analysis.

Two studies found a decrease in risk of 5% to 12% per cup consumed daily, compared with no coffee consumption.


We love peanut butter

Americans consume around 500 million pounds of peanut butter each year.

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