It’s in the water: Ludlow-bred authors read from their latest


Maybe there's something in the water. Three writers from Ludlow who grew up together have simultaneously become writers. They’re on a mini book tour together to promote their latest novels, with a stop at Rutland’s Phoenix Books at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, May 24. Jackson and Asher Ellis are brothers, four years apart. They may share DNA but their writing styles illustrate the mysteries of writing, and the fact that there’s no one right way to do it. “I really don’t have any process to speak of. I just wing it,” Jackson Ellis said by phone last week. “Some days it takes me three hours to write 200 words, other days I’ll sit down and bang out 10,000 words. “It was supposed to be a short story,” he said. A 38-year-old writer and editor, his short fiction has appeared in numerous literary magazines. “About 5,000 words into it I thought, ‘Wow I might actually hit 10,000 words, I might even hit 20,000.’ And it kept going on.” It became “Lords of St. Thomas,” his first book, which he’ll be reading from on Thursday. “That wasn’t what I set out to write,” Ellis said. “I wrote as the ideas presented themselves. I was halfway through the book when I came up with the ending.” His brother Asher Ellis, 34, has written his second novel, “Pet,” which is set for release this fall. “There seems to be a split in the writing community between people who outline and people they call ‘pantsers,’ because they write by the seat of their pants. I've never been able to do the latter. There is no universal secret or way to do it. You really just have to work it out for yourself.” The Ellis brothers will be joined for the talk by fellow writer and Ludlow native Rachel Carter, who graduated in the same class as Asher. The author of the “So Close to You” series with HarperTeen, she will be reading from her latest young adult novel. “It’s a significant part of my writing process, discussing it with other writers and seeing what works and what doesn’t,” Asher said. But if these three authors are any indication, maybe the secret to writing is in Ludlow.   Phoenix Books Rutland Phoenix Books Rutland hosts authors Jackson Ellis, Asher Ellis and Rachel Carter at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, May 24. Admission is free; call 802-855-8078, or go online to Phoenix Books is located at 2 Center St. in Rutland.

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