Tristan Larson and Erin Gallivan – two-thirds of the practice formerly known as Meub, Gallivan & Larson – have struck out on their own and launched a practice specializing in injury claims.

“Erin and I want to have a more focused practice on injuries, both personal injuries – what happens in a car crash – and worker’s comp – injuries on the job,” Larson said.

Larson grew up in the area, leaving to attend Harvard Law School and practicing in Boston for a few years before returning to Rutland. Gallivan was a social worker before going to law school and her work has long focused on worker’s compensation claims.

“It sounds very cliched, but I wanted to help people when I graduated from law school,” she said.

Gallivan said she found she wasn’t suited for personal injury trials because of their open-ended nature, but that workers comp claims worked differently

“There’s a lot rules, a lot of systems,” she said. “I think I’m good at educating clients. ... At the end of a case, if you’re not going to trial, you’re going to be asked if you’re willing to settle and for how much. I want the client to understand how that decision is made. I don’t want to make that decision for them.”

Larson, on the other hand, said he enjoys jury trials, calling them the most difficult, terrifying and rewarding moments in a lawyer’s life. Like Gallivan, though, he said his chosen area of law is one in which he believes he can help people.

“My interest in practicing law really is bout meeting people at the hardest points of their lives,” he said. “I didn’t plan it that way, but I found it the most interesting and fulfilling. ... I don’t have a magic wand, but in the justice system, there’s a lot that can be done to right a wrong or clean up a really messy situation.”

Larson said the two of them, who have taken up office space in the Service Building, had been thinking for some time about creating a more “focused” and “nimble” practice. Gallivan said the slower pace of the legal system during the pandemic gave her more time to focus on organizing.

Meub could not be immediately reached Monday. Gallivan said she worked with him for 20 years.

“He’s a fantastic lawyer and an amazing person,” she said. “It’s bittersweet for me to be doing this. ... We thought this was a niche that we could fill.”


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