THIS SALE IS CANCELLED AND WAS PUBLISHED IN ERROR STATE OF VERMONT SUPERIOR COURT CIVIL DIVISION RUTLAND UNIT DOCKET NO: 194-4-19 Rdcv Envoy Mortgage, Ltd., Plaintiff vs. KATHLEEN A. SCULLY and OCCUPANTS RESIDING AT 3831 Route 153, Pawlet, VT 05761, Defendant(s) NOTICE OF SALE By virtue and in execution of the Power of Sale contained in a certain mortgage given by Kathleen A. Scully, to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., as Mortgagee, as nominee for Envoy Mortgage, LTD, dated May 9, 2018, and recorded in Book 116, at Page 537, of the City/Town of Pawlet Land Records, of which mortgage the undersigned is the present holder by Assignment of Mortgage recorded in Book 118, Page 311, for breach of the conditions of said mortgage and for the purpose of foreclosing the same will be sold at Public Auction at January 10, 2020 at 11:00AM at 3831 Route 153, Pawlet, VT 05761 all and singular the premises described in said mortgage, To Wit: SCHEDULE A Being all and the same lands and premises conveyed to Michael W. Plisko (now deceased) and Dorothy K. Plisko by Executor's Deed of Mary Morris Kofel, Executrix of the Estate of William G. Morris, dated October 24, 1955 and recorded November 9, 1955 in Book 32 at Page 471 of the Town of Pawlet Land Records, and being more particularly described therein as follows: "First Tract: Commending in the center of Highway leading from West Pawlet to M. C. Jones dwelling house; running westerly along the north line of the lot sold to F. J. Nelson 303 feet to a stake and stone at ditch; thence northerly 70 feet to a stake and stone; thence easterly 282 feet to Highway; thence southerly along Highway 70 feet to place of beginning. Containing about 2114 square feet be the same more or less. "Being the same premises conveyed to William G. Morris by deed recorded in Book 18 of Deeds page 56 in the Town Clerk's Office of Pawlet, Vermont on April 10, 1893. "Second Tract: Bounded on the east by the Highway leading north from the village of West Pawlet, on the south by lands heretofore purchased by second party of the first party, on the west and north by lands of John R. Roberts being a parcel of land 90 feet wide fronting on the highway two hundred and eighty-two feet on the south and two hundred and seventy feet on the north. "Being the same premises conveyed to William J. Morris by deed October 22, 1904 and recorded in Book 20 at pages 144 and 145 of Land Records in Town Clerk's Office of Pawlet, Vermont, on October 22, 1904. Third Tract: Commencing at the southwest corner of lands conveyed by John R. Roberts to William G. Morris October 22, 1904, and running northerly along the lands thus conveyed an in continuation of such line along other lands of said W. G. Morris to his northwest corner; thence westerly in a continuation of W. G. Morris' north line to lands of G. T. Roberts, at a stake and stones; thence southerly along G. R. Roberts' east line to lands occupied by Patrick Dundon; thence easterly along lands of Patrick Dundon to the place of Beginning. Supposed to contain three acres of land be it more or less. "Being the same premises conveyed to William G. Morris by deed recorded in the Town Clerk's Office of Pawlet, Vermont, on November 20, 1909 in Book 20 of the Land Records on page 735. "being (sic) the remainder of the real estate whereof the said William G. Morris died seized and possessed in the said Town of Pawlet, county of Rutland, and State of Vermont." Reference is hereby made to the aforementioned deeds and their records, and to all prior deeds and their records, for a more particular description of the land and premises herein conveyed. The description of the property contained in the mortgage shall control in the event of a typographical error in this publication. The public sale may be adjourned one or more times for a total time not exceeding 30 days, without further court order, and without publication or service of a new notice of sale, by announcement of the new sale date to those present at each adjournment or by posting notice of the adjournment in a conspicuous place at the location of the sale. Terms of Sale: $10,000.00 to be paid by certified check by the purchaser at the time of sale, with the balance due at closing. The sale is subject to all liens, encumbrances, unpaid taxes, tax titles, municipal liens, if any, which take precedence over the said mortgage above described. The Mortgagor is entitled to redeem the premises at any time prior to the sale by paying the full amount due under the mortgage, including the costs and expenses of the sale. Other terms to be announced at sale Envoy Mortgage, Ltd /s/ Sheldon M. Katz______ Sheldon M. Katz, ERN 4784 BROCK & SCOTT, PLLC 1080 Main Street, Suite 200 Pawtucket, RI 02860 Phone: 401-217-8701 Fax: 401-217-8702

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