NOTICE OF REQUEST FOR STATEMENTS OF QUALIFICATIONS FOR ENGINEERING SERVICES The Town of Pittsford, Vermont is in the process of obtaining Statements of Qualifications from qualified engineering firms detailing the firms’ qualifications, technical expertise, management and staffing capabilities, references, and related prior experience. Required professional services will include but are not limited to preliminary engineering services, design and construction-related services, preparation of bidding and contract documents, participation in the evaluation of bids received, and monitoring and inspection of construction activities to ensure compliance with plans and specifications associated with the Town of Pittsford, Vermont’s US Route 7, Segment 2 (“Village segment”) water and sewer utility relocation and replacement project to be performed in concert with the Vermont Agency of Transportation’s plans to reconstruct US Route 7, Segment 2. Procurement of said services will be in accordance with elements of the procurement process in 40 U.S.C. § 1101-1104. Qualified firms/candidates interested in being considered for this project must submit seven (7) copies each of: (1) letter of interest; (2) statement of qualifications and experience of staff persons who will be involved with the project; (3) related prior experience; (4) familiarity with Town of Pittsford water and sewer staff and the Town’s water and sewer infrastructure; and (5) references. Submit the requested information to John Haverstock, Town Manager, P.O. Box 10, 426 Plains Road, Pittsford, Vermont 05763 no later than 12:00 pm Noon on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 in order to receive consideration. Attention is directed to the fact that the proposed project may be undertaken with a variety of Federal and state funds and that all work will be performed in accordance with the regulations issued by such agencies and the State of Vermont pertaining thereto. The Town of Pittsford, Vermont shall evaluate the statements of qualifications and performance data and other material submitted by interested firms and select a minimum of three firms which, in their opinion, are best qualified to perform the desired services. Interviews with each firm selected shall be conducted, which may include discussions regarding anticipated concepts and proposed methods of approach. The Town of Pittsford, Vermont shall rank, in order of preference, these three professional firms deemed to be the most highly qualified to provide the services required, and shall commence scope of services and price negotiations with the highest qualified professional firm for engineering services. CONTACT: John Haverstock Pittsford Town Manager P.O. Box 10 426 Plains Road Pittsford, VT 05763 (802) 483-6500 x20

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