NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE Approximately 289 Acres off of Pine Hill Road (4 Separate Parcels) Town of Plymouth, Vermont Pursuant to the provisions of 12 VSA §4961, et seq and by virtue and for breach of conditions of a certain Mortgage given by Michael E. Pedone and Yvette A. Pedone dated November 13, 2013 and recorded in Book 119 at Page 293 of the Town of Plymouth Land Records on July 15, 2014; and breach of a certain Loan Modification Agreement dated May 25, 2016, Arthur James Grace and Rhonda Grace (“Mortgagee”) hereby give notice of public sale pursuant to 12 VSA §4965. TIME AND PLACE OF SALE: For breach of the conditions of said Mortgage and for the purpose of foreclosing said Mortgage, the property described in said Mortgage will be sold at public auction at 10:00 a.m. on December 28, 2018 at the property, being located at Pine Hill Road in the Town of Plymouth, Vermont approximately 0.6 mile from intersection with Lynds Hill Road. Directions to property: From Bridgewater Corners on Route 4 turn south onto Route 100 and proceed 5.2 miles, Turn left onto Route 100A and proceed 0.9 mile to Lynds Hill Road, Turn on to Lynds Hill Road and proceed until the intersection with Johnson Farm Road on left and Pine Hill Road on right, Turn right onto Pine Hill Road and travel a distance of approximately 0.6 mile to property location on the right hand side. Pine Hill Road is a class 4 road. REAL PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: The land and premises consisting of approximately 289 acres, more or less, off Pine Hill Road in the Town of Plymouth, Vermont, which are more particularly described in the Mortgage (recorded in Book 119 at Page 293 of the Town of Plymouth Land Records), to which reference is hereby made and had for a more particular description. Said land and premises has been subdivided into 4 separate parcels, as follows: 1) Parcel of Approximately 102.71 Acres off Pine Hill Road in Plymouth, Vermont, Span # 486-153-10585; 2) Parcel of Approximately 50.01 Acres off Pine Hill Road in Plymouth, Vermont, Span # 486-153-11382; 3) Parcel of Approximately 75.03 Acres off Pine Hill Road in Plymouth, Vermont, Span # 486-153-11383; 4) Parcel of Approximately 60.07 Acres off Pine Hill Road in Plymouth, Vermont, Span # 486-153-11384; TERMS: Cash or wire transfer at the time of closing, which shall occur within thirty (30) days after the public sale. Failure to pay the balance of the purchase price when due will result in forfeiture of the deposit and shall be applied to cover the expenses of sale and any subsequent sale, with any amount remaining to be retained by Mortgagee. The highest bidder will be required to deposit by way of cash, certified check, cashier’s check or treasurer’s check the sum of Five Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($5,000.00), with the deposit to be increased to 10% of the sale price within five (5) days following the public sale, and to sign a no-contingency Purchase and Sale Agreement at the time of the public sale. The property shall be sold subject to any and all real estate taxes, municipal assessments and fire district assessments/charges (delinquent and current, with all penalties and interest) and all liens of record, restrictions, easements, improvements, covenants, rights, encumbrances, and all matters of any kind and every nature which may take precedence over the lien of the Mortgage and interest of Mortgagee being foreclosed. The Mortgagee has the right to credit bid at the sale without producing any deposit. The property will be sold “AS IS, WHERE IS, WITH ALL FAULTS” (known or unknown), with no representations or warranties of any kind whatsoever, to the highest bidder. Purchaser high bidder takes all defects and risks associated with or connected to the property being sold, including but not limited to all risks associated with the following: a. Subject to such facts as an accurate survey and physical inspection of the premises may reveal. b. Subject to easements, restrictions, agreements and all documents of record, if any. c. Subject to unpaid taxes, assessments, water and sewer liens, fire district charges, if any. d. Subject to the rights of tenants and other occupants, if any. e. Subject to state and municipal ordinances, statutes and regulations, including zoning ordinances. f. Subject to all liens of record, equitable or otherwise, whether or not filed. g. Subject to all violations, if any, of environmental laws, rules and regulations of the State of Vermont, the United States of America, and any political subdivision thereof, whether or not of record. h. Subject to any defects or problems associated with the real estate or the improvements thereon. i. Subject to all violations, if any, other than environmental in nature, of laws, rules and regulations of the State of Vermont, the United States of America, and any political subdivision thereof, whether or not of record. It is up to each bidder to perform its own due diligence with respect to the property prior to the public sale that a bidder deems sufficient. Other terms to be announced at the sale or inquire of the undersigned counsel for Mortgagee. RIGHT TO REDEEM: The mortgagor and all junior lienholders are entitled to redeem the mortgaged property at any time prior to the sale by paying the full amount due under the Mortgage, including the costs and expenses of the sale. RIGHT TO PETITION THE COURT: The mortgagor and all junior lienholders are hereby notified that at any time before the foreclosure sale, the mortgagor and all junior lienholders have a right to petition the Civil Division of the Superior Court for the county in which the mortgaged property is situated, with service upon the Mortgagee, and upon such bond as the court may require, to enjoin the scheduled foreclosure sale. Failure to institute such petition and complete service upon the foreclosing party, or the party’s agent, conducting the sale prior to sale shall thereafter bar any action or right of action of the mortgagor or any junior lienholder based on the validity of the foreclosure, the right of the Mortgagee to conduct the foreclosure sale, or compliance by the Mortgagee with the notice requirements and other conditions of Section 4965 of Title 12, Vermont Statutes Annotated. An action to recover damages resulting from the sale of the mortgaged property on the date of the sale may be commenced at any time within one year following the date of the sale, but not thereafter. Mortgagee reserves the right to cancel, postpone or adjoin (pursuant to law) the public sale at any time. Arthur James Grace and Rhonda S. Grace, Mortgagees By: Pratt Vreeland Kennelly Martin & White, Ltd. by: /s/ John J. Kennelly John J. Kennelly, Esq., Mortgagee’s Counsel (signed per 12 VSA §4952(e)) 64 North Main Street P.O. Box 280 Rutland, VT 05702-0280 Date: October 17, 2018 Auctioneer: Robert Prozzo 207 North Main Street Rutland, VT 05701 Tel: 802-773-2691

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