Street Talk: Unlimited Engagement

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Emily Hughes, Fair Haven Kelsey Goodell, Wallingford

EH: He delivers presents from the North Pole to all over the world ... on his sleigh with his reindeer.

RH: Did you wait up for him? Did you ever see him?

KG: Yep, he came!

EH: No, I always fell asleep. I never saw him. I always fell asleep. You know, he doesn’t come if you’re awake.

Santa Claus, North Pole

Well, I lost weight last year, so this year I had to put some back on, so now I’m getting used to that, but otherwise everything’s been going pretty good, nice and smooth.

Lauren Delaney, Mendon

RH: Lauren, tell me something — what do you teach your kids about Santa Claus?

LD: He’s a good guy. He brings toys and magic. And he teaches kids to be good all year.

Pam Panoushek, Chittenden

They just believe in him and the magic that he has. And that it’s just about giving and not always receiving.

RH: He’s a giver.

PP: Right.

RH: He’s not a taker.

PP: No.

RH: Except for maybe a cookie or two.

PP: Maybe. Leave him a cookie and a drink, and he’ll be OK.

RH: When you were little, did you love Santa?

PP: I always loved him.

RH: Did you wait up for him?

PP: I tried, but I always got in a little trouble.

RH: Pam, what do you want for Christmas?

PP: I just want everybody to be happy and healthy.

Augus Zellars, Rutland

I like him because he brings us presents, and we all believe in him.

RH: What are you going to say to him?

AZ: That we all believe in you.

RH: And what do you want for Christmas?

AZ: I want LOL dolls and some more clothes for my Barbie dolls.

Sebastian, Rutland

I want a police car that I can ride in, some handcuffs and a Nerf gun.

RH: What are you going to tell Santa?

Sebastian: I don’t know. This is difficult.

RH: Well, where does he live?

Sebastian: At the North Pole.

RH: Do you want to go there? To the North Pole? To visit Santa?

(Sebastian nods.)

RH: Well, maybe you will someday.

Jennifer Hall, Rutland

He lives at the North Pole, and it’s a magical place where the kids who are nice — he acknowledges them, and his elves make them presents, but it’s not just about the presents. It’s about being respectful, and the big thing is believing. He has a “naughty and nice” list. That’s what I always say. Everybody gets a toy if you become on the nice list if you’re good.

RH: What happens if you’re naughty?

JH: A sack of coal. My son hasn’t made it on the naughty list yet, so we’ll see.

Rylan Brown, Cuttingsville

Train tracks. And Legos and trucks. And trains. And four trains. And trucks.

Chris Brown, Cuttingsville

I’d like some new tools.

RH: You think Santa can carry your tools on his sleigh with all those toys?

CB: I think he can. I think so.

RH: He’s a magical guy. Chris, when you were little, did you wait up for him to come, or did you go to sleep like a good boy?

CB: I waited all night, and he’d always come through.

Rachel Hummel, Chittenden

It’s just the magic of it all, the belief beyond what they’re told. Just to have it, to enjoy the season. As long as you believe in the magic of him, you believe in him.

RH: When you were a kid, did you wait up for him?

RH: No, I went to bed. And anticipated morning.

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