0112 Street Talk: US in a pickle

See video at bit.ly/0112StreetTalk

See video at bit.ly/0112StreetTalk.

The Pickle Man, Rutland Town

RH: So Mr. Pickle, what’s your real name?

PICKLE MAN: Ah! The unknown pickle! That’s a secret.

RH: A secret? You can’t tell me?

PICKLE MAN: I’m the pickle man. Does Superman tell people who he really is?

RH: His secret identity.

PICKLE MAN: It’s my secret identity.

RH: Tell me this now — you know, our president yesterday implied there was a national emergency going on down there on the southern border, and he was going to declare it so, and get his wall built. Does that make you feel more secure?

PICKLE MAN (hesitating): Good question! Security is one’s, um — Gee, it’s a tough question.

RH: No censorship here.

PICKLE MAN: No censorship. Well, you know, I speculate that — I’m a yea/nay regarding the border situation, how’s that? I take no position.

RH: No opinion whatsoever?

PICKLE MAN: No opinion! Correct.

RH: So this beautiful new wall, this $5-, $6-billion wall, you’re happy with that. Are you feeling threatened at all by the emergency down there?

PICKLE MAN: Well, I don’t, of course. We live up here. My son lives down there though. And his in-laws live over the border actually. And they visit Tijuana, but because of the situation it took them about 3 hours just to get over the checkpoint. So it’s a real problem from their point of view. The commerce is being inhibited and so on, and so forth.

Mary Fenton, Castleton

RH: How much more secure would you feel if there was a big wall across the southern border?

MF: I would feel secure. But I don’t want it to take years. You can’t close everything down for years, you know. But I would feel better.

RH: You would feel better with the wall there?

MF: I would.

RH: OK. Tell me — what kind of wall would you like it to be? If you could choose the color for the wall, what color would it be?

MF: Blue.

RH: Blue. A blue wall.

MF: A blue one.

RH: Thank you, Mary.

Jim McCoy, Castleton

It’s going to be for security. Not security as in threats, but there just needs to be more control, how I don’t know. But yeah, the wall will help only because it’ll create funnel points where you have to come through. I’m open to anybody coming, but let’s do the channels just like they’ve had to do forever. We can’t change laws just to make things happy for one person or another. All the rules got to pertain to everybody.

Lou Scott, Castleton

You’re looking at a state that’s losing all its youth. It’s on the road to economic disaster. All indications, from an infrastructure standpoint, from a population standpoint — it’s going to require transformative or disruptive thinking, not retro-thinking, not traditional thinking. You can’t solve new problems with old ideas. Einstein said that. Because the old ideas probably gave you the problems in the first place. If you don’t start thinking transformatively and disruptively, you’re not going to solve the problems that Vermont is having. Let me tell you something about the problems that we’re having. They’re going to get worse before they ever get better, but we all have to take all the congressmen, all the people, all the organizations, you have to start thinking in a broader bigger disruptive way. And those are the two words: transformative and disruptive. You should ask yourself when you come up with a decision, or you come up with any ideas whatever your organization is, ask yourself, is this transformative? Is this disruptive? If it isn’t, discard it.

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(2) comments

John Gleeson

First- Regardless of your opinion regarding the border wall, and more important from my perspective as a reader of a supposedly literate newspaper, Robert Frost never implied that "Good fences make good neighbors".. He was preaching the exact opposite, and quoting an illiterate to make his point. Go read the poem.
And in a Vermont newspaper! Go down to his grave in Bennington and listen to the grumbling.

Patrick martin

Ice cold irony from Robert Frost.

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