Peter Fagan, Rutland

Every election is significant, more so this one. I think it goes to civility. Vermont needs to export civility to the rest of this nation, and I think we can do that. That’s what I’m hoping to see.

RH: Civility has become sort of a buzz word. What does it mean to you?

PF: We can all have conversations with each other, and if you have to agree to disagree, then that’s as far as it goes.

Jim McNeil, Rutland Town

I think every election is important, and this is a midterm election, which will set the pace for the next election in two years, the national, so I think it is very important. Everybody has a right to vote, and so I tell everybody to vote, and then you can complain. But if you don’t vote, don’t complain.

Andrew Costello, Rutland

This is everyone’s opportunity to get out and weigh in on a local election but let everyone know how they’re feeling about what’s going on nationally as well. So I think that’s why we’re seeing the big turnout today.

RH: What kind of outcome would you be happy with?

AC: I’d just be happy with a high turnout. I trust Vermonters to vote properly — they always have in the past. As long as they come out and vote, that’s OK with me.

RH: How’s it looking this morning?

AC: Very busy. Very busy so far.

Heather Juliussen-Stevenson, Rutland

I think people are frustrated with what’s happening on the federal stage and what they’re saying around the nation with the rhetoric coming out of the White House that’s encouraging hate groups. And so I think a lot of people are motivated by that. I’m certainly here primarily because of that reason. I think Vermont has a lot of work to do when it comes to combating hate and to make this a more welcoming state for everyone.

Greg Cox, West Rutland

I think it’s important that people, in general, come together and work together, and we got to find common ground to get things done because right now we are like opposition teams, and we will not get anything done, and we will not move forward with progress unless we realize that difference of opinion is OK. But we have to figure out solutions. We can’t be looking for enemies. We need to look for solutions.

Joe Giancola, Rutland

Well, change is going to happen. If certain people are elected, things are going to change. More Democrats get in, it’s going to change the dynamics of the legislation that going to come out of Montpelier, out of the state capitol and out of the federal government. But I’m not sure what’s going to happen. It’s very unsure. It’s a toss-up, OK?

RH: Are you hopeful?

JG: I’m hopeful, yes.

Rose Kennedy, Rutland

RH: Oh, it’s going to rain!

RK: It’s raining! I think as a nation, we need to come together, so coming out to the polls is a good first start. And locally, I think our issues are always sort of important and making sure we always have good representation.

RH: Are you hopeful for the future, Rose?

RK: I’ll let you know tonight!

Ben Bushman, Rutland

RH: They say this is a significant election. Why do you think that is?

BB: Probably because of the climate of everything. What’s been going on.

RH: What kind of outlook are you looking for when all the dust settles?

BB: I don’t know — rainbows and unicorns?

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