Mondo Mediaworks has pulled out of its contract for the regional marketing initiative.

The Brattleboro-based company had contracted with the Rutland Economic Development Corp. and Rutland Regional Chamber of Commerce to produce a digital ad campaign promoting the Rutland area as a place to live. Toward that end, it produced videos and other material for use in targeted online marketing and in television spots.

“Mondo is pivoting from a full-service digital marketing agency to focus on video productions,” Mondo owner Luke Stafford said Friday, explaining that the company started out as a video production house and built up its digital marketing services around that core. “Unfortunately, the economics of it precipitated a decision to wind down the marketing side of the business.”

Stafford said that winding-down came with some severe staff cuts — the company is going from 14 full-time employees to just three.

“That part has been extremely difficult,” he said.

Stafford said the production part of the contract, which runs through March, was complete. Mondo made six video and 10 other “stories” highlighting the experiences of people in Rutland. REDC executive director Tyler Richardson said the remainder of the contract would have had Mondo seeing what effect those stories were having.

“They would be monitoring social media channels and things of that nature,” he said.

Richardson said the campaign’s organizers were still sorting out how those duties would be handled in Mondo’s absence.

“I think we’re kind of entertaining all options right now,” he said.

Richardson said it was also unclear where the campaign, which has always been described as a long-term effort, was going to go after March.

“I think we’re still kind of forming that in light of the recent developments, looking forward in terms of how we’re going to implement our strategy,” he said.

Richardson directed questions about the contract to chamber executive director Mary Cohen, as did Stafford with questions about how the campaign will be handled through March. Cohen did not respond to an inquiry Friday afternoon.

“This is not going to just drop,” Stafford said. “I’ve been working with them on the transition.”

Stafford said the campaign was the most personally meaningful campaign he had undertaken at Mondo.

“It’s more than just a marketing campaign,” he said. “It’s a project to revitalize an entire county. ... This was something that I personally put a lot of work into and the entire staff did. ... I know the very passionate people of Rutland will keep it going.”


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