With more than 150 diverse members of the Rutland Young Professionals, a few things are clear. Although we’re often asked who RYP is for and whether one is young enough or professional enough to get involved, there is no one person who embodies RYP. We have some guidelines specifying membership in our bylaws, sure, but we’re all different people. We’re all at different stages in our lives and careers and we have varying interests and passions in life. And that’s exactly what we hope for as an organization.

When you get to know our members you learn that although they’re all unique, what they have in common is that they’re making a life in Rutland County. They’re curious. They’re committed. They’re looking to develop themselves and perhaps our community along the way. They’re looking to the future, not the past.

That’s why this month we wanted you to get to know a couple of RYP members who are creating lives in the area and who both also happen to volunteer with us. Because at the end of the day, RYP is only as successful and relevant as our members.

Elicia Mailhiot

As someone who was born and raised in these Green Mountains and has lived in Rutland County my entire life, I can’t imagine calling anywhere else home. Around this time two years ago, I began to think that while I was in this community, I didn’t really feel like I was part of the community. Having lived, worked and attended school here, I knew of a lot of people, but I didn’t really know a lot of people.

I made it a personal goal to become more active in our local and statewide community, becoming a reading mentor for Everybody Wins! Vermont and joining the executive board of the Vermont Women in Higher Education organization.

I have been going to Rutland Young Professionals mixes since 2013, but too sporadically to really get much out of them. Looking for another way to get involved in our community and meet new people, I joined the Rutland Young Professionals events committee in September 2017. Our monthly mixes are, in my opinion, one of the best things that we offer for young professionals. Every mix, I learn something new about our community and the people who make this place so special. I am looking forward to taking on the role of events committee chair this January, building on the amazing work most recently done by Kim Rupe and Leslie Doenges.

As a member of Rutland Young Professionals, I have been truly impressed with the benefits of membership. In addition to the professional development grant, which provides financial assistance to those participating in career-focused education and certificate programs, members receive discounts from local businesses, early bird access to fun meet-ups, and discounted tickets to our annual Gala.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Rutland Young Professionals is the built-in social network. Most of my college friends went back to their own communities after graduating and my high school friends had, for the most part, taken root in different states. Thanks to RYP, I now know those people that I knew of two years ago. We’ve meditated at Pyramid Wellness and learned more about wellbeing at Live Love Yoga. We’ve noshed on delicious maple creemees from Vermont Truffle Company and enjoyed lively conversation over dinner at Hop’n Moose. We’ve watched fashion shows and danced at Galas, and so much more. I see them at community events where we talk about work, family, and what’s going on in Rutland. All of this because of one small, but mighty, community organization.

Elicia resides in Wallingford and works as Communications Coordinator for her alma mater, Castleton University.

Travis Beauchamp

My name is Travis Beauchamp. I live in Rutland and work at Beauchamp & O’Rourke Pharmacy. I am very fortunate to have an opportunity to be a part of the family business. I enjoy going into the store everyday to work hard and solve problems. I have lived in Rutland most of my life and have been able to participate in many fun activities like soccer and hockey. I also ski and snowboard at Killington and Pico in the winter. I hope to mountain bike at those world class resorts soon.

I love what I do, but about a year ago I realized that I could (and should) do more for my community and myself. I needed to meet new people and find ways to grow the family business. To do that, I joined the board of the Rutland Young Professionals (RYP), a volunteer organization that creates social and professional networking opportunities (among many other things). By the way, RYP is for ANYONE who WANTS MORE for themselves and Rutland. You don’t have to be a doctor or a “young person.”

I now volunteer within the RYP marketing and membership committees. I attend the monthly marketing committee meetings where I post info about the mixers and other events in local newspapers and magazines to help get the word out about the organization. I also work with the membership committee by helping current members stay involved and finding ways to grow our membership. My time with RYP has made me new friends and new business. I’m proud to work at my family’s pharmacy, and since joining RYP I am more committed than ever to supporting Rutland.

Travis is a board member and volunteer with RYP. He is a pharmacy technician and assistant manager at Beauchamp & O’Rourke.

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