Chimney Swift Tower

RUTLAND — Rutland County Audubon Society, with Rutland Department of Recreation and Stafford Tech Construction Class, invite the public as they put up the first Chimney Swift Tower in Rutland County at 9 a.m. to noon April 19 at Georgetti Park. Rain date is April 20.

Rotary Club

RUTLAND — The Rotary Club of Rutland partners with private donors and three Rotary Clubs in Australia and Khon Kaen Rotary in Thailand, on Bridging the Silence, a global grant to establish a community-based screening program for the Khon Kaen Region to screen for hearing impairments in infants. The $63,000 global grant includes funding from the Rotary Foundation World Fund.


Kiernan L. Canavan of Rutland, electrical and computer engineering major, was named to the 2021 winter scholastic honor roll at Oregon State University in Corvallis.


Vermont History Day

MONTPELIER — Vermont students in Grades 5-12 and home study students ages 10-18 participated in this year’s Vermont History Day competition, “Communication in History.” The projects, which included exhibits, websites, dramatic performances, documentaries and research papers, were reviewed virtually by judging teams of local historians, educators and other professionals. Participants were from Addison Northwest Supervisory District, Bellows Free Academy (St. Albans), Browns River Middle School, Green Mountain Union High School, Harwood Union Middle and High School, home schools, Long Trail School, Lyndon Town School, Main Street Middle School, Newbury Elementary School, Poultney Elementary & High School, St. Paul’s Catholic School, The Mountain School at Winhall, U-32.

Outdoor Challenge

MONTPELIER — Vermont State Parks announces the 2021 Venture Vermont Outdoor Challenge scavenger hunt, designed for kids but anyone can participate, runs from April 15 through Oct. 15. Participants earn points by completing outdoor activities and earn free state park day entry. Visit to get started.

At-risk youth

MONTPELIER — To better identify and help youth and young adults address their mental health needs, The Center for Behavioral Health Integration (C4BHI), together with Spectrum Youth & Family Services, has implemented YSBIRT (Youth Screening Brief Intervention & Referral), a grant funding opportunity for schools, colleges and primary care settings in Vermont. C4BHI is looking for partners to receive funding through September 2023, automated digital tools for screening, including automated feedback and prevention/reduction messages, training and technical assistance, and more for more information.

Volunteer appreciation

BEDFORD, N.H. — Volunteers for the Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains are acknowledged during April, Volunteer Appreciation Month, and include:

— Heather Preuss, of Milton, has kept her Girl Scouts in Troop 30393 active, leading them to earn the highest award for girls in fourth and fifth grade — the Girl Scout Bronze Award.

— Alexandra McGuire, of Vergennes, and Kelsey Bradford, of Addison, started a new Girl Scout Daisy troop, helping girls make new friends and enjoy the outdoors in safe ways.

— Kellianne Sutton-Bosley, of Northfield, kept her Girl Scouts busy over the summer with badge work and safe social gatherings, and planning for future adventures

Summer Readers

RUTLAND — The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department has released the Vermont Master Angler Program 2020 Annual Report with 1,035 entries and 63 Master Angler Award recipients. The program recognizes anglers who catch trophy-sized fish from Vermont waters and celebrates the clean water and healthy habitats allowing these fish to survive and grow to exceptional sizes. Visit to find the 2020 Vermont Master Angler Program Annual Report.

Protect chickens

Keeping a small flock of chickens at home to provide eggs and meat has become increasingly popular, but many first-time, small-scale, poultry farmers are discovering wildlife like the taste of chicken as much as we do. The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department urges poultry owners to use electric fencing and follow other precautions to protect their birds from predation:

Apply bacon grease or peanut butter to a spot on the electric fencing, cover the tops of pens with wire or plastic netting, bury galvanized hardware cloth or netting 12 inches deep around the perimeter of the pen, install a motion-activated light to illuminate the coop after dark. Motion-activated alarms can help deter predators as well. Store poultry feed in a secure indoor location in tight containers.

Walleye season

MONTPELIER — The Vermont walleye fishing season opens Saturday, May 1, marking the return of some of the best walleye fishing in New England. Spring walleye fishing can be found in several Vermont lakes and rivers, including Lake Champlain and its tributaries — the Missisquoi, Lamoille and Winooski rivers and Otter Creek. In the Northeast Kingdom, Salem Lake and Island Pond also have walleye populations that are on the rebound thanks to stocking by Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. A trio of additional locales — Lake Carmi, Chittenden Reservoir and the Connecticut River — also offer quality walleye fishing.

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