A son, Landry Philip May, was born June 5, 2021, at Gifford Medical Center, to Darin and Morgan (Raiche) May, of Ira.

A daughter, Brianna Jade Allen, was born June 10, 2021, at Rutland Regional Medical Center, to Lauren Martelle and Robert Allen, of Poultney.


Rotary ScholarshipsPOULTNEY — Four Poultney High School graduating seniors were selected to receive Poultney Rotary Club funding from the Russell I. William Jr. Scholarship Fund and the John & Mary Mazur Scholarship Fund, All demonstrated motivation, thoughtfulness and achievements, the four recipients are: Faith Carlson, $2,500 of Russell I. Williams Jr. and $500 from John & Mary Mazur; Kylie Davis, $2,500 from Russell I. Williams Jr.; Grace Hayes, $2,500 from Russell I. Williams Jr. and $500 from John & Mary Mazur; and Iris O’Brien, $2,500 from Russell I. Williams Jr.

The Poultney Rotary Club also awarded $50 to each of the five members of the National Honor Society, including Krista Boudreau, Faith Carlson, Kylie Davis, Cassandra Dupont and Iris O’Brien.

Land Stewards AwardCASTLETON — The Vermont Land Trust annually recognizes outstanding high school juniors and seniors who are dedicated to agriculture and forestry. This year, Harley Adams, of Castleton, received one of nine Land Stewards Awards, along with a check for $300.


GraduatesAiden R. Camara, of Poultney, graduated with a Master of Science in Athletic Training from Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Graduates of Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire, include Emma Boggio, of Castleton, Bachelor of Science in Psychology; and Jessica Bradley, of Pawlet, Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Jared Schauer, of Middlebury, received a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Integrated Communications from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut.

University of Vermont graduates include:

Bellows Falls — Fallon Vancor, Bachelor of Science.

Bomoseen — Mollie Mortenson, Bachelor of Science.

Brandon — Andrew Jerome, Bachelor of Arts.

Castleton — Nicole Blackwood, Cum Laude Bachelor of Arts; Sophia Rampone, Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science; Regina Patrice Ruiz, Bachelor of Science.

Center Rutland — Nicholas Moriglioni, Bachelor of Science.

Chittenden — Jesse Kunkowski, Bachelor of Science.

Cuttingsville — Ella Bankert, Cum Laude Bachelor of Science.

Danby — Megan Work, Bachelor of Science.

Fair Haven — Skylar Alger, Bachelor of Science; David Gringeri, Cum Laude Bachelor of Science; Lauren Langlois, Bachelor of Science; Kolding Rasmussen, Bachelor of Science; Vinkel Rasmussen, Magna Cum Laude Bachelor of Science.

Florence — Marvin Atwood, Bachelor of Science.

Mendon — Cheyanne Connelly, Bachelor of Science; Brigid Enright, Magna Cum Laude Bachelor of Science.

Middletown Springs — Aislinn Gilmour, Bachelor of Science.

Mount Holly — Aiyana Fortin, Summa Cum Laude Bachelor of Science.

Orwell — Seth Hoenes, Bachelor of Science; Isaac Nichols, Bachelor of Science.

Pittsfield — Rose O’Brien, Bachelor of Science.

Pittsford — Margo Nolan, Magna Cum Laude Bachelor of Arts.

Poultney — Caylin Gloss, Bachelor of Science; Tristan Lalor, Cum Laude Bachelor of Science.

Proctor — Lucille George, Cum Laude Bachelor of Science.

Rochester — Sara Domas, Magna Cum Laude Bachelor of Science, Brianna Hillier, Bachelor of Science.

Rutland — Elizabeth Anderson, Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science; Brianna Arduca, Bachelor of Arts; Adam Babb, Bachelor of Science; Evan Biederman, Bachelor of Science; Cameron Clark, Bachelor of Science; Lauren Cozzens, Magna Cum Laude Bachelor of Science; Nicole Denno, Cum Laude Bachelor of Science; Patrick Dundas, Bachelor of Science; Jenna Eaton, Summa Cum Laude Bachelor of Science; Jarrod Lee, Bachelor of Science; John Ligon, Cum Laude Bachelor of Arts; Megan McGee, Bachelor of Science; James Mee, Bachelor of Science; Margaret Reilly, Bachelor of Science.

Wells — Lindy Burch-Durkee, Bachelor of Science.

West Rutland — Maxwell Mitiguy, Bachelor of Science.

The following Community College of Vermont students earned associate degrees:

Tara Olivia Fenton, Lisa M. Henry, Brittany Nichole Pierce, all of Bomoseen; Elizabeth A.F. Creed, Calysta E. Hayes, both of Brandon; Jordan Marie Goodermote, Karen Lynn Trombley, both of Castleton; Carrie L. Trombley, of Cornwall; Darci Lee McDonald, of East Middlebury; Christine A. Kimball, of East Wallingford; Zachary Laurence Belden, Nicholas S. Daigle, Stephanie Ann Reed, Hope K. Wasilesky, all of Fair Haven; Danielle J. Bishop, of Florence; Chloe R. Speyers, of Leicester; Annemarie Deering, Elaine Louise Gaetano, Kimberly Jo Marshall, all of Middlebury; Cassandra Lee Kosmalski, of Middletown Springs; Adam J. Pate, of Mount Holly; Hannah Marie Duncan, Grace A. Hampton, Samuel Hayden, Amanda E. Lear, Joshua Maynard, Elisabeth Grace Peck, Elizabeth R. Spencer, all of North Clarendon; Tamara Ann Gebo, of Orwell; Victoria E. Bourque, of Pawlet; Kari Lee Lockhart, Anna K. Paynter, Sarah Ann Wallis, all of Pittsford; Tori Lyn Buchter, Alexis R. LaPine, Andrea M. Silva Ramos, all of Poultney; Tammy Lynn McMahon, Deanna L. Rider, Monalika S. Watkins, all of Proctor; Kathryn Anne Andrews, Zachary A. Arsenault, Jenna A. Atkinson, Talla Lee Caruso, Michelle Anne Cordeiro, Jessica Ann Daniels, Kimberly L. Davis-McQuerrey, Bradley Adam Day, Kiana Lynn Fermin, Virginia A. Gellman, Hunter C. Hayes, Kailah Justina Hill, Kristy Gilman Richardson, Deron Rixon, Kimberly Shackett, Stephanie Grace Stuart, Destiny Wingate, Kyle T. Wolfe, all of Rutland; William C. Danforth, of Salisbury; Janine Marie Smith, of Tinmouth; Nathaniel Adam Hance, Lori J. Webster, both of Wallingford; Morghan Elizabeth Coltey, of West Haven; and Nicole Yvonne Bissitte, Jennifer A. Coolidge, Emily A. Gutches, Hunter Matthew Lanfear, Mercedes Lee Rabideau, Torianna Patricia Greenough Tifft, all of West Rutland.

Academic honorsCastleton University spring 2021 academic honors include:

President’s list — Julia Carone, of Bomoseen; Molly Fisher, Meghan Hallett, Christian Polli, Miranda Stoutes, Julianna Williams, all of Brandon; Birgit Kinneberg, Luke McGee, Rafael Robles, all of Castleton; Taryn Van Guilder, of Fair Haven; Raphael Eckmann, Cassandra Kosmalski, both of Middletown Springs; Noah Crossman, of North Chittenden; Claire Bendig, Rylee Nichols, both of North Clarendon; Ariel Wade, of Orwell; Alyssa McMahon, Lea Riell, Cameron Wescott, Anita Williams, all of Poultney; Debra Kingsbury, Leo Therrien, both of Proctor; Grace Cahill, of Rochester; Holly Anderson, Thomas Baillie, Kati Bashaw, Ashley Cassarino, Kassidy Collett, Vanessa Dumas, Jacob Henderson, Rachael Lee, Elise Magro, Bethany Manfredi, Jon Markanich, Eric Maxham, Sierra Maxwell, Cecily McCormack, Emily Peters, Justine Peters, Finnegan Rocque, Lanie Sinclair, Kaylee Svitak, all of Rutland; Olivia Burroughs, Aidan Steenbergen, Ethan Welch, all of Wallingford; Lauren Harvey, Julia May, Jordan Perry, all of West Rutland; and McKenna White, of Whiting.

Dean’s list — Austin Beauregard, Jeffrey Peltier, both of Benson; Lucy Lawlor, Ashton Traverse, both of Bomoseen; Ashley Carrara, Emily Doty, Timothy Kittler, Julia Lee, John McClure, Myliah McDonough, Madilyn Morgan, Stephanie Palmer, all of Brandon; Jake Apjohn, Halle Coloutti, Molly Durling, Aubrianna Dydo, Tiffany Ervin, Taylor Ladue-Robinson, Cassidy Lanfear, Tiffany Langevin, Diana Martinez Mantrana, Joseph Ouimet, Kevin Paciulli, Olivia Starer, Hailey Taylor, Tsering Wangchen, all of Castleton; Eileen Rounds, Walker Whittemore, both of Center Rutland; Jillian Flanders, of Chittenden; Daniel Forti, Garrett Petrossi, both of Danby; Gary Burnett, of East Wallingford; Olivia Bowen, Elizabeth Haggerty, Breanna Martell, Katheryn Rheaume, Evan Swinington, all of Fair Haven; Haley Conway, Kathryn Coolidge, Molly McGee, all of Florence; Abigail Brown, of Hydeville; Agata Menconi, Lauren Sampson, both of Mendon; Elizabeth Bardin, of Middletown Springs; Sarah McHugh, Adam Pate, both of Mount Holly; Liana Weisse, of North Chittenden; Colt Billings, Megan Chapin, Colleen Congdon, Allison Jordan, all of North Clarendon; Courtney Brigham, Catherine Clifford, Emilee Huntley, Andrew Rockwell, all of Orwell; Lauryl Blanchard, Angelic Davidson, Kristin Markie, Molly Waite, Sarah Wallis, Charlotte Winslow, Sarah Wallis, all of Pittsford; Taylor Dunlap, Kassidy Mack, Lauren Schreiber, all of Poultney; Miranda Martin, Paige Mattson, Gannon McKearin, Amanda Reynolds, Eliza Tooley, all of Proctor; Carrie Adams, Jessica Alexzandrikc, Christy Beauchamp, Mallory Bigelow, Joseph Bonasera, Mitchell Chase, Ethan Coarse, Lily Crowley, Benjamin Davine, Kimberly Davis, Mikaela Derosia-Rosenzweig, Logan Dikeman, Danielle Fitzsimmons, Bethany Garrow, Jasmin Gomez, Joseph Keefe, Jaden Kelley, Sara Kelly, Jillian Ladabouche, Janaé Lamb, Christina LeFevre Bushee, Pamela McCullough, Zachary McCutcheon, Allison Morrill, Angela Perry, Molly Pfenning, Leah Romano, Grace Russell, Elizabeth Sampson, Alyssa Shaw, Jack Silverman, Shelly Sobel, Jackson Washburn, Mary Weinstein, Cody Welch, Bailey West, Garrett Wilcox River Willman, Amanda Zilski, all of Rutland; Audrey Knapp, of Sudbury; Allison Nemeth, Jaron Rochon, both of Tinmouth; Emma Baker, Tessa Davenport, Sandra Guyette, all of Wallingford; Mary Nichols, of Wells; Hailey Godette, of West Pawlet; and Zackary Ames, Kaylyn Cottrell, Hunter Lanfear, Andrea Manney, Katelyn Schutt, Morgan Seward, all of West Rutland.

University of Vermont spring 2021 dean’s list includes Naomi Besson, Fallon Vancor, both of Bellows Falls; Olivia Lannon, of Benson; Cael Christian, of Bomoseen; Samuel Buswell, Meghan Chaney, Owen Palcsik, all of Brandon; Nicole Blackwood, Regina Patrice Ruiz, both of Castleton; Ella Bankert, of Cuttingsville; Logan Sands, of East Dorset; Avery Gilgallon, Vinkel Rasmussen, both of Fair Haven; Quinn Alper, of Killington; Brigid Enright, of Mendon; Aislinn Gilmour, Oisin Harrington, both of Middletown Springs; Michael Blais, Aiyana Fortin, both of Mount Holly; Benjamin Hamilton, of North Chittenden; Samuel Hayden, of North Clarendon; Mikayla Stolar, of Pittsfield; Isabelle Nolan, Margo Nolan, both of Pittsford; Jacob Mcmahon, of Poultney; Lucille George, of Proctor; Robert Beattie, Jenna Eaton, Emma Gonzales, Taylor Krupp, William Li, Eliza Ligon, John Ligon, Lucas Pencak, Deron Rixon, Maya Sobel, Johnathan Urbani, Morgan Wallace, all of Rutland; Lindy Burch-Durkee, of Wells; and Noah Logan, of West Rutland.

Academic honors for spring 2021 at Husson University in Bangor, Maine, include Brooke Ashley Eddy, of Fair Haven, Health Sciences/Pharmacy major, on the president’s list; Kimberly Michelle Mclean, of North Clarendon, Educational Studies major, on the dean’s list; and Emerson Gale Pomeroy, of Rutland, Nursing major, on the honors list.

Lauren Calvin, of West Rutland, was named to the spring 2021 president’s list at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Kyla Dodge-Goshea, of Brandon, and Casey Coughlin, Connor Parker, both of Rutland, were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list at Lasell University in Newton, Massachusetts.

Logan Kinsman, of Rutland, Health Science and Pre-Physical Therapy major, was named to the spring 2021 dean’s list at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Parker Morse, of Bomoseen, BSBA in Sport Management major, was named to the spring 2021 dean’s list at Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Students named to the spring 2021 dean’s high honors list at Connecticut College in New London are Morgan Baughman, of Killington, Economics major; Alexis Robertson, of Rutland, Dance major; and Austin Robertson, of Rutland, Government and Anthropology major.

Griff Waryas, of Bellows Falls, and Shannon Watelet, of North Chittenden, were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list at The University of Rhode Island in Kingston.

Tommy Kenosh, of Bomoseen, and Jordan Ihasz, of Danby, were named to the spring 2021 dean’s list at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York.

Nessia Crispe, of Danby, was named to the spring 2021 dean’s list at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Olivia Beauchamp, of Mendon, was named to the 2021 spring dean’s list at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio.


Trail work June 22POULTNEY — Join Slate Valley Trails for a volunteer trail work session from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 22, upgrading a section of Franz’s Falls trail accessible from the Endless Brook trailhead. RSVP to for full details. Space is limited to 5 volunteers.

Audubon meeting June 26BOMOSEEN — Meet at Bomoseen State Park pavilion (park fees apply; bring Green Mountain Passport if you are a senior, for free admittance). Meeting from 10 am; lunch to follow. Grill provided, bring your own lunch/hotdogs or burgers and/or a dish to share. Stay for bird talk and birding in the park afterwards or go for a swim. For the early birds: meet at the fishing access at Glen Lake on Moscow Road at 8 a.m. to bird.

Book sale July 24-25PAWLET — The annual Pawlet Library Book Sale will be held from 9 1.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, July 24, and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday, July 25, at Mettawee Community School in West Pawlet, VT-153, just off VT-30. All sale proceeds benefit library programs. For more information, email or call 325-3123.

Summer concertsCASTLETON — Castleton University, in partnership with Heritage Family Credit Union, presents the 25th annual Castleton Summer Concerts at the Pavilion, free and open to the public, 7 p.m. Tuesdays in August at the Castleton Pavilion, an indoor/outdoor facility which allows concerts to be held rain or shine.

Castleton University will collect non-perishable food items to support the Castleton Food Shelf at each performance. Spectators will be required to follow University and State COVID-19 safety protocols.

This year’s lineup includes: Aug. 3, Satin & Steel (R&B and soul); Aug. 10, Phil Henry and the News Feed (Contemporary folk); Aug. 17, Wyld Nightz Band (Classic rock ‘n’ roll); Aug. 24, The Grift (Funky rock ‘n’ roll).

Castleton University will also host a special show for the community on Wednesday, July 28, featuring the Boston Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps at Dave Wolk Stadium.

Do you have an item you would like to see in Community News? A milestone? A public announcement? A short news release about something entertaining going on in your town? Simply email the information to us at Be sure to put For Community News in the subject line. (Note: We do reserve the right to edit for length.)

Goodrich Farm wins awardSALISBURY — The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy in Boston, Massachusetts, announced Goodrich Farm of Salisbury, Vermont, is the winner of a 2021 Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability Award. The U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards honor dairy farms, businesses and partnerships whose practices improve the well-being of people, animals and the planet. Among its many sustainability initiatives, the Goodrich Farm hosts an anaerobic digester in partnership with Vanguard Renewables, Middlebury College and Vermont Gas Systems that produces 180,000 Mcf of renewable natural gas and features the first phosphorus removal system in Vermont to protect the Lake Champlain watershed.

Goodrich Farm, managed by siblings Chase and Danielle Goodrich, is a multi-generational dairy farm milking 900 cows while caring for more than 2,000 acres of land. The farm is a member of the Agri-Mark/Cabot Cooperative.


Grassland birdsMONTPELIER — Bobolinks, meadowlarks, Savannah sparrows and grasshopper sparrows enrich the summers with their songs, but some of these species are in decline due to the loss of appropriate grassland habitat.

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is encouraging landowners to help these species by waiting a little longer to mow to give these birds a chance to complete their nesting season. Deer fawns, wild turkey chicks and other animals take refuge in the grass and are also at risk by mowing too early. Landowners who mow their fields for aesthetic reasons can maintain these fields and accommodate nesting birds simply by cutting later in the summer, preferably after Aug. 15.

Vaccine educationBURLINGTON — A national immunization education program will help provide vaccine information and outreach to rural or medically underserved populations, including migrant and seasonal agricultural workers in Vermont.

The Extension Foundation, in cooperation with the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy, recently awarded $224,178 to University of Vermont Extension. The funding, provided through its Extension Collaborative on Immunization Teaching and Engagement (EXCITE) immunization education program, will be used to enhance vaccine education efforts and address vaccine hesitancy among the agricultural community with emphasis on farmworkers in Bennington, Caledonia, Essex, Franklin, Orleans, Windham and Windsor counties.

Do you have an item you would like to see in Community News? A milestone? A public announcement? A short news release about something entertaining going on in your town? Simply email the information to us at Be sure to put For Community News in the subject line. (Note: We do reserve the right to edit for length.)

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