Salon owner and fitness instructor April Rogers Farnham, of Plainfield, talks about how she has been affected by self-isolation.

How are you handling self-isolation?For me it was finding a routine and staying busy. The downtime has tendencies (for me) to take you to a place that’s not beneficial for you or those around you.

What has been the biggest challenge for you?Besides the loss of income? The lack of motivation. My friends, my running partners, my co-workers, my clients, the families I volunteer for ... I miss them all. I’m used to seeing dozens of people of a daily basis, starting at 5 am. These people inspired me and made me laugh on a daily basis. Having it all end so suddenly was definitely hard.

What has been the most pleasant surprise?One, that I’ve had the time to finish my yoga-teacher training. My yoga teacher offered an intensive yoga “retreat” to be done online. It’s perfect. I’ll be certified by the time the stay at home order is lifted. Two, I created a page on Facebook called “Magic Miles.” I did it specifically for motivation. I needed it, and I thought others might also. We have almost 300 members and people post daily about their walks, runs or exercise routines. I especially love the ones outside. It truly has been a breath of fresh air, our people on the page are from all over the United States. Every day we get to see what others are doing and a different landscape.

How much of what you’re doing do you think will you carry forward after the pandemic?I think, or at least I hope, that the connections we’ve created on the Magic Miles page will continue along with the exercise routines people have created. We are inspiring each other on a daily basis, lifestyle changes have been made — that’s what I hope continues the most.

And what do you feel the lessons will be that come out of all of this?Never take people for granted — ever. Second, even though people aren’t there in person, relationships are. and third, you are stronger than you think. You may have to change things up, learn to adapt but you will succeed.

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