The Barre Partnership & Barre Area Development

Chesnee Barney, Francesca Barney and Tracie Lewis.

Barre Partnership Executive Director Tracie Lewis talks about self-isolation and how the pandemic has been affecting her life.

How are you handling self-isolation?Some days are better than others. I miss my family. I miss my friends. I miss my work family. Staying very busy between work and house projects has been helpful. Cooking and cleaning is a constant these days. As is letting my dog out and then immediately back in again (88 times in one day seems a bit excessive to me).

What has been the most pleasant surprise?The support of the community of the local businesses has been amazing. Local businesses supporting other businesses. It’s heartwarming when a community comes together like ours has during this epidemic.

What has been the biggest challenge for you?When all of these amazing business owners were having to close their doors, I felt truly helpless. There was nothing I could do to fix it for them. And that’s my job, right?! I knew they were (and still are) scared, and I just want to do anything and everything that I can for them. Then seeing people posting pictures on social media of being together and not self-isolating. It was definitely a huge challenge for me to not say anything. It truly made me angry. I knew it would be harder for our businesses to recover the longer it took for people to take the stay at home order seriously.

How much of what you’re doing do you think will you carry forward after the pandemic?I hope that all my efforts of helping our businesses during this time carries forward and that all of our businesses can come back stronger than ever after this!

And what do you feel the lessons will be that come out of all of this?That people shouldn’t take life or things for granted. As we’ve learned through this, things can change in an instant. Appreciate what you have. And what might be the biggest lesson: the appreciation of finding out who your kids have next year for teachers. I hope it’s not me again.

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