A Rutland man resolved three criminal cases against him Monday through an agreement that will see him go through the drug treatment court for charges that include stealing lottery tickets from the Diamond Run Mall.

Keenan S. Davine, 30, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of fraudulent use of a credit card in one case, a felony count of burglary in the second case, and a misdemeanor charge of petty larceny in the final case, which involved the mall.

The burglary case also included a misdemeanor charge of unlawful mischief that will be dismissed if Davine completes the Rutland County drug treatment court program.

The first case involved Davine using a credit card that was not his own in November 2017.

The second case involved Davine burglarizing the dental office of Dr. Robert Hiller on North Main Street around April 27.

Employees of Hiller’s office said they believed the only thing taken was $100 from a petty cash envelope. One of the employees of the office was Davine’s aunt.

The final charge involved Davine stealing lottery tickets from an office in the mall in April 2018.

Driton Sedjiu, who worked with Davine at the Diamond Run Mall, spoke directly to him at the sentencing hearing after Davine spoke about his efforts to get free of his drug addiction.

“For the sake of your daughter, I always tell you, do it. This is it. You have so many chances, you have a great family. I heard nothing but ‘great family.’ So, you cannot be bad and have a great family. You know what I mean. You have to do [this] for [the] sake of your family, especially for your daughter. No matter what. … I forgive you. It’s not all about money. It’s all about principle. I’m disappointed with you because we have a good connection as a friend. So good luck, brother,” Sedjiu said.

Sedjiu was the only victim in the courtroom on Monday but Ian Sullivan, chief deputy state’s attorney for Rutland County, read a victim impact statement submitted by Steven Scaling.

Scaling said he learned from security footage that Davine had broken into the mall office. He said the experience was very uncomfortable when the tapes were reviewed with his supervisor and deputies from the Rutland County Sheriff’s Department.

“I sincerely hope Keenan does well in his recovery from drugs. To be honest, I’m a little less caring and a little less empathetic than I was before this episode. I have been supervising, managing and working with people since 1987. This stung. It still stings, not due to the loss of money but the loss of trust in my fellow man,” the letter said.

Davine declined to address the court but when Zonay asked if he had anything to say to his victims, Davine said he had stayed away from those people because he was under court orders not to contact them.

But he turned to Sedjiu and told him he was taking responsibility for his actions and planned to repay Sedjiu.

“I need to get my recovery on track or I won’t be good to nobody,” he said.

Defense attorney Chris Davis admitted that his client had a relapse earlier this year with his drug addiction that resulted in the burglary charge.

“He reached a precipice. Then you go over it and here we are, dealing with the fallout. But he has a lot of reasons to want to stay on the path and it’s not just treatment court offering him a good outcome at the end. When he and I sit and talk, he talks a lot about his daughter,” Davis said.

If Davine does not graduate from the drug treatment court successfully, he would face a criminal sentence under which he would spend three years on probation.



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