The state is reminding Vermonters that its 196 fishing access areas are for launching boats, not swimming.

According to the Fish & Wildlife Department, fishing access areas are open at all times and are primarily for boaters and anglers because the taxes and fees they pay on licenses and equipment fund their maintenance.

“Vermont is fortunate to have these areas providing public access to many of our public waters throughout the state, and we are seeing a dramatic increase of their use this year because so many people have more time at home,” said Mike Wichrowski, fishing access area manager with the department. “More anglers and boaters are showing up, and so are lots of other people. We are getting many complaints about illegal use, littering, parking problems and thoughtless activity affecting other users.”

According to the department, the following uses are allowed at fishing access areas and are listed in order of priority.

- Fishing, launching boats for fishing, and using the parking access area when going fishing.

- Launching motor boats.

- Hunting and trapping, and the parking of vehicles used for these activities.

- Launching non-motorized boats for non-commercial purposes.

- All-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles, for ice fishing.

Prohibited uses include:

- Discarding trash.

- Swimming.

- Walking dogs or letting dogs swim.

- Cleaning fish and other wildlife.

- Camping, picnicking, or maintaining a fire.

- Parking vehicles and not using the water.

- Withdrawing water, however fire departments are exempt.

- Parking for longer than 72 hours.

- Commercial activities except those associated with allowed activities.

- Launching sailboards, rafts, or snow kites.

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Ironic the Rutland Herald posted a picture of people jumping off the docks at Green Dumps and what not even a week later this article is Published.

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